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Argentina: San Luis Province Bans Cyanide, Sulphuric Acid in Mining - Autoconvocados y Asambleas Populares celebran sanción de restricciones a la minería en San Luis

Published by MAC on 2008-10-21
Source: UAC, Dow Jones

Following a lead by Córdoba's provincial assembly last month, San Luis province has banned the use of chemicals, such as cyanide, mercury and sulphuric acid, in mining operations.

A number of exploration projects are potentially affected by this ban, including Castillian Resources Las Aguilas, near the El Trapiche community, some 45 km from the provincial capital city; Latin American Minerals gold prospect La Carolina, near the town of La Carolina, some 90 km from the provincial capital. There are also uranium prospects in San Martin and Quines Departments, near the towns of Santa Rosa de Conlara, Quines, Lujan, San Francisco del Monte de Oro, Lafinur and Villa de Merlo, in the north of the province.

APATA San Luis - Assembly for the Protection of Argentina Water and Land

Member of the Union of Citizens Assemblies (UAC)

Press Release

1st October 2008

This communiqué is to inform the community that on this day, the Senate of the Province of San Luis, Argentina has approved the law entitled "Environmental Preservation and Restoration of the Mining Sector" which prohibits the use of contaminating chemical substances in all stages of metals mining activities. The law approved by consensus of both legislative bodies will not affect the sources of employment of families who are carrying out the traditional forms of mining that San Luis is known for. These will be protected in the face of the monopolies that multinational mining firms normally exercise in the sector.

This is an important step on a provincial level which, although it will not be fulfilled until the mining of uranium is prohibited, has converted San Luis into the seventh province to say NO to contamination and plunder, giving a clear message of self-determination of the people, and carrying repercussions on a national level.

The self-organized neighbors in popular assemblies are celebrating the passage of the law in our province and are awaiting its publication in the Official Bulletin so it may go into force. We continue in a state of alert and permanent mobilization so that the law will be effective. We accompany our brothers and sisters of La Rioja, Catamarca, San Juan and Santa Cruz and all other provinces so we can all achieve legislation similar, and we will struggle together for the annulment and nullification of the national laws which are promoting the large-scale handing over of our common goods in our national territories.


Popular assemblies of: San Luis Capital, El Trapiche, La Carolina, San Francisco del Monte de Oro, Nogolí, Santa Rosa del Conlara, Villa de Merlo.


San Luis Congress Bans Some Chemicals For Mining

Dow Jones

1st October 2008

BUENOS AIRES--The Senate in Argentina's San Luis province passed a bill Wednesday banning mining activity using chemicals such as cyanide, mercury and sulfuric acid. The approval follows a unanimous vote in favor of the bill by the provincial House of Representatives at the end of August, and has the backing of Governor Alberto Rodriguez Saa, according to industry magazine Mining Press.

The bill also mandates the creation of an environmental guarantee fund to ensure cleanup at the conclusion of a mine's life. Companies will have to deposit 7% of total investment costs in the fund. The vote comes on the heels of a number of provinces enacting similar chemical use bans on the mining industry.

Mining companies complain that development is not feasible without using the chemical concentration process. Despite the resistance to mines in many provinces, others such as San Juan, Catamarca and Santa Cruz have been more receptive to mine development and numerous projects have been built or are under way there.


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