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Congo: The Western Heart Of Darkness

Published by MAC on 2001-10-15
Source: Canadian Centre for Policy Alernatives M

Congo: The Western Heart of Darkness

From: the Canadian Centre for Policy Alernatives Monitor, October 2001 issue.
Also published in Briarpatch, November, 2001.

by Asad Ismi, October 2001

"I'm interested in land not [black people]." Cecil Rhodes

Rarely has Western savagery been more destructive than in the Congo. After 115 years of Belgian colonialism and U.S. neo-colonialism, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) today is a war-ravaged, balkanized country where an incredible 2.5 million people have died during the last 2 ½ years and 2.3 million have been displaced. OXFAM called this "the world's biggest humanitarian disaster." The catastrophic war which began in August 1998 has been imposed on the long-suffering Congolese by U.S. proxies Rwanda and Uganda which have occupied the eastern half of the Congo and are plundering and looting it with most of the proceeds going to the West.

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