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Heart Of Darkness

Published by MAC on 2001-10-15

Heart of Darkness

The destruction of the Congo says much more about the West than it does about the Central African country. It reveals most clearly that the West is largely a criminal enterprise, the prosperity of which is based on the genocide of Third World people and the theft of their resources. The Congo is perhaps the worst example of this but the West has followed the same policy in Asia, Africa and Latin America for centuries. In this sense, Western countries can be seen as a murderous mafia led by their godfather the United States government for which no amount of blood and wealth is enough. Today, the perpetrators of the Rwandan genocide are being tried in Tanzania. It is time to try those responsible in the U.S. and Belgium as well for more than a century of genocide and plunder in the Congo. And that will just be the beginning of dealing with the West's horrendous crimes.

This article is dedicated to Patrice Lumumba.

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