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2018-01-30 Small scale mining merits large scale examination
2017-09-20 Tanzania government's new action against London-listed miners
2017-09-11 Tanzania - Vocal legal critic of mining in attempted assassination
2017-08-09 Tanzania: Barrick/Acacia blasted in Canada for multiple offences
2017-07-14 Russian billion dollar roulette fails to pay off
2017-06-13 Tanzania accuses Acacia of illegal mining in fresh blow to Barrick’s subsidiary
2017-01-30 Groups demand release of Tanzanian environmentalists detained in Malawi
2016-09-24 Tanzania: Killings at North Mara gold mine
2016-07-12 British companies leading new £800bn extractives 'scramble for Africa'
2016-06-06 Tanzania: Acacia hit by tax crackdown
2016-04-26 Victims at Barrick mines in PNG and Tanzania demand justice
2015-11-21 Barrick Gold Fails to Address Ongoing Violence at Tanzania Mine
2015-05-23 Is "resource nationalism" a good thing?
2015-03-17 RAID: Time to rethink mining company grievance mechanisms
2015-02-16 British gold mining company agrees settlement over deaths of Tanzanian villagers
2014-11-07 Barrick Gold Faces Court in London
2014-08-28 Deadly clashes continue at African Barrick gold mine
2014-07-20 Killings at UK-owned Tanzanian gold mine alarm MPs
2014-05-01 Barrick Gold Faces Demonstration Against Abuses at Toronto AGM
2014-02-26 Barrick Gold: North Mara's problematic grievance mechanism
2014-02-14 African Barrick Gold reports North Mara mine 'had a fantastic year' despite deaths
2014-02-02 African Barrick Gold: Victims sign away rights under complaint process
2013-12-20 African Barrick to compensate assault victims
2013-12-11 High Court orders African Barrick Gold to stop suing Tanzanian villagers
2013-07-30 African Barrick Gold sued in UK over Tanzania mine deaths
2013-06-06 Tanzanian Farmers Displaced By Mining Live Like Refugees
2013-03-11 Tanzania: Two Killed in Mine Invasion
2013-02-11 Conflict gold in Africa - from Mali to Darfur
2013-02-11 Alternative Mining Indaba 2013
2013-01-14 Mercury poisoning and the gold curse
2012-11-19 Tanzanians "invade" African Barrick gold mine
2012-09-04 Tanzanian police shoot dead two civilians at conflict-torn gold mine
2012-08-06 Elephants, rhinos, environment under threat from 60 million tons of radioactive waste
2012-05-01 Tanzania: The President, Mining and the Rise of Populism
2011-10-05 Barrick Gold's Tanzanian "headache"
2011-08-23 ARMZ and the Man - Tanzanians against uranium
2011-07-25 Africa's uranium industry "threatens people and nature"
2011-07-11 Tanzania: Barrick investors risk being "chased away"
2011-07-04 World Heritage sites threatened by mining, says IUCN
2011-06-13 Tanzania mulls "Super Tax" On Minerals
2011-06-07 All roads lead back to China
2011-05-24 Tanzania: Murders at North Mara
2011-05-02 Tanzania's taxing problem
2011-05-02 Global gold supremo faces its critics
2011-03-28 Miners go for gold - but investors shun the glittering prizes
2011-02-21 Statement from the AlterNATIVE Mining Indaba 2011
2011-01-17 Don't bank on the Bank!
2010-12-27 Tanzania: Gold's Tragic Dividend
2010-07-04 Global trade unions demand sustainability and justice
2010-05-29 Two statements to UN CSD on Indigenous Peoples & uranium
2010-05-07 Tanzania faces industry opposition to its new mining law
2010-04-18 Canadian Envoys to Kenya & Tanzania: Uninformed or Arrogant?
2010-03-24 The shine keeps coming off Canada's gold miners
2010-03-10 Tanzanians are more cursed than blessed!
2010-02-23 London Calling deplores the gilding of Tata's tarnished image
2010-02-15 Gemstones: A rough cut
2010-01-25 Canada's proposed Mining Bill C-300 gains further endorsement
2009-07-27 Tanzania Mining Industry: Revenues, Resentment and Overregulation?
2009-07-16 London Calling investigates some capital "land grab" connections
2009-07-16 Africans aim for alternative, fully-reformed, minerals sector
2009-07-07 Tanzanians call for closure of deadly Canadian-owned mine
2009-05-27 Tanzania fails to implement mine tax reform, as Barrick comes under fire
2009-05-18 Barrick at the barricades
2009-04-06 Tanzania Gold Mine Collapses, At Least 20 Dead
2008-12-09 Tanzania: when the going gets tough…….
2008-11-24 Barrick enjoys precious few "Obama moments"
2008-11-10 Tanzania: No new mining pacts, House team pleads
2008-07-20 Girls in Mining
2008-04-13 Barrick Gold faces a barrage of criticism around the world
2008-03-19 Mining Interests Driving Investment Protection Negotiations with Madagascar and Tanzania
2007-11-12 Tanzanian workers seek court order against Barrick Gold
2007-10-30 Barrick mine in Taznania stalled by strike
2007-06-08 Update On China's Mineral Ventures Overseas:
2007-06-08 US Update
2007-06-08 Most Chinese, Indians Back Carbon Cuts - Survey
2007-06-08 A survey intended to guage opinions on who's mainly responsible for global warming suggests that Chi
2007-06-08 EPA Loses Court Attempt to Weaken Clean Air Rule
2007-06-08 US update
2007-06-07 States Urge US EPA to Tighten Rules on Coal Plants
2007-06-06 China Update
2007-06-06 China update
2007-06-01 Two countries, 3 cities take stand Against ASARCO, ASARCO Fights Back
2007-05-28 Quicksilver Quandary
2007-03-30 OLCA:"The other inconvenient truth: Al Gore's visit to Chile financed by Barrick Gold
2007-03-30 OLCA:"The other inconvenient truth: Al Gore's visit to Chile financed by Barrick Gold
2007-03-30 Barrick CEO's compensation received big bump in 2006
2007-03-30 Africa update
2007-03-30 Africa update
2007-03-28 Govt says mining royalty high enough
2007-02-08 Africa update
2007-02-08 Police Harass Maandagshoek Activist After He Speaks Out Against Councilor and Anglo Platinum
2007-02-08 Africa update
2007-02-06 Tanzania Proceeds With New Mining Tax Policy
2007-02-05 Guinea in turmoil
2007-01-28 Africa's minerals trap
2007-01-28 Africa Set To Strip Western Giants Of Mining Rights
2007-01-28 Africa's Minerals Trap
2007-01-21 Western Bankers And Lawyers 'rob Africa Of $150bn Every Year'
2006-12-14 Latin American Update
2006-10-30 Africa Update
2006-10-30 Miners begin to feel the rumblings from tax-starved Tanzania
2006-10-30 Africa Update
2006-07-05 "There is death in them thar' pits!"
2006-06-26 Tanzania: Pressure Mounting On Government To Act On Exploitative Contracts
2006-06-26 Foreign Firms Dominate Tanzania's Mining Sector
2006-06-26 African Roundup
2006-06-26 African roundup
2006-06-15 Statement Of The African Initiative On Mining, Environment And Society(aimes)
2006-03-24 South going South
2006-03-15 Congo squanders its crown jewels
2006-03-07 Africa Of Key Strategic Importance To U.s., World, Scholar Says
2006-03-01 Behind the numbers: Untold Suffering in the Congo
2006-02-27 Congo asset strip
2006-02-27 Letter to Paul Wolfowitz
2006-02-27 Congo asset strip
2006-02-15 Nmdc Eyes Gold In Tanzania
2006-02-15 Group Calls on World Bank to Investigate Mining Contracts; Bank's Failed Reform Project in DR Congo
2005-06-22 Veinte Países Actúan Para Protegerse Del Radón, Letal Gas Radioactivo
2005-06-09 World Day Against Child Labour 2005: Digging for survival - The harsh reality of child mining worldw
2005-06-09 World Day Against Child Labour 2005
2005-06-07 Shattered youth
2005-04-20 Report on the Anglo American plc AGM, England
2003-01-03 Mining and Human Rights Lawyer Arrested in Tanzania
2002-04-16 What Really Happened at the Barrick Gold Mine in Tanzania?
2002-04-16 For information:
2002-04-16 What Really Happened at the Barrick Gold Mine in Tanzania?
2001-09-27 1. Report from Council of Canadians, Sept 27, 2001
2001-05-23 Buried Alive? The Bulyanhulu accusations
2001-05-01 2. Denial, Globe and Mail, Sept 27, 2001
2001-04-23 Dirty Digger Awards 2003
2001-04-23 Terreno Peligroso al Infinito - Edición Especial sobre Uranio
2001-04-23 3. Report, Globe and Mail, Sept 28, 2001
2001-04-23 Buried Alive? The Bulyanhulu accusations

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