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Africa update

Published by MAC on 2007-02-08

Africa update

8th Feburary 2007

Police continue to harass members of South Africa’s Maandagshoek community as they seek redress from Anglo American's subsidiary, Anglo Platinum, and an end to its illega loccupation of their tribal land. More than half a year after shootings of unarmed protestors in 2006, the chair of Anglo American, Mark Moody-Stuart, has still taken no steps to meet with the community and listen to their grievances.

Guinea remains "in turmoil" according to a Canadian mining source, superceding the report we carried last week that the citizens' uprising against the government. [].

Many people are reported to have been shot dead by the state's brutal military.

Also premature, it seems, are prospects that the Tanzanian government will secure any significant increase in income from foreign mining companies.

Is that really surprising?

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