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2016-07-12 British companies leading new 800bn extractives 'scramble for Africa'
2016-02-04 Shareholders pressing big miners on climate change disclosure
2015-09-20 A climate of subversion: corporate attitudes in the run up to Paris COP21
2015-07-10 The evidence for how fossil fuel companies misled us for decades
2014-06-09 The chequered history of an unlikely anti-coal "hero"
2012-11-25 Long-knives drawn in battle over Bumi
2012-10-02 Oxfam USA finds mining companies are improving on social commitments
2012-07-24 Olympic protestors carpeted for "green wash" demo
2012-06-19 Riots follow activist killing on Indonesia's Papua island
2011-01-25 Australia's Kokatha People win a land rights victory
2010-06-11 London Calling warns against "costing" mining's socio-environmental destruction
2010-02-23 British Columbia Bans Mining, Drilling in Flathead River Valley
2007-05-22 Rio, BP Plan US$1.7 Bln Australia Clean Coal Plant
2007-05-22 Clean coal energy - or a clear con?
2007-05-22 Clean coal energy - or a clear con?
2006-05-06 Ozzie Uprising
2006-05-05 Aussies make push to cash in on nuclear revival
2006-05-04 Green group accepts uranium mines
2006-05-01 Mine Antarctica, says Joyce
2006-02-20 Extracting Intellects
2006-02-20 Extracting Intellects
2006-02-16 Sources: Alcoa’s Global Record: Mark Meredith, “alcoa And You”, Trinidad And Tobag
2005-10-19 Reply from Emma Delaney,
2005-08-02 Montana Dam to Be Removed in $100 Million Mine Waste Cleanup
2005-07-30 Letter to BP on the Tangguh project in West Papua
2005-07-30 Reply from Emma Delaney,
2005-07-30 Letter from Revd Socratez Sofyan Yoman to Lord Browne, Group Chief Executive BP p.l.c. (Bahasa versi
2005-07-30 After a silence of two and a half months, BP has replied (or rather not replied) to a passionate let
2005-06-27 Reading between the pipelines
2005-04-05 Native title not to be overlooked in WMC takeover
2005-04-05 Aboriginal resistance to the Roxby Downs mine started some years before it opened, during the 1970s
2005-01-10 Rights Groups Slam BP's Tangguh Project
2005-01-10 Rights Groups Slam BP's Tangguh Project
2004-12-08 The following letter was sent to Lord Browne of BP, and copied to Senator George Mitchell of TIAP,
2004-12-08 BP's Human Rights Commitment and Practices in West Papua Slammed in World-wide Protest
2004-09-15 London Calling - September 15 2004
2004-08-28 Why the World Bank snubbed the EIR - Special Report
2004-08-28 Why the World Bank snubbed the EIR
2004-08-15 Letter No. 6.
2004-08-15 Letter No 5.
2004-08-15 Letter No. 4.
2004-08-15 Letter No. 3.
2004-08-15 Letter no. 2
2004-08-15 Green Corporate Partnerships? An exchange from the Ecologist
2004-08-15 Letter no.1
2004-08-15 Green Corporate Partnerships?
2004-08-15 Letter No 8.
2004-08-15 Letter No. 7.
2004-07-23 A nationwide poll, held in Bolivia, gave support to the new president's policy on extractive indust
2004-07-23 Bolivian president proves sceptics wrong
2004-07-21 London Calling - July 21 2004
2004-07-21 London Calling! July 21 2004
2004-07-21 Bolivia's gas poll
2004-07-09 London Calling - July 9 2004
2004-06-02 London Calling! June 2 2004
2004-06-02 London Calling - June 2 2004
2004-03-24 Revenue Transparency: A Priority for Good Governance and Energy Security
2004-02-20 Action - Barclays pull out of Baku funding: urge others to follow
2004-02-20 Can BP Keep NGOs Talking?
2004-02-20 Can BP Keep NGOs Talking?
2004-01-30 The Diverging Worlds of Human Rights and the Environment
2003-11-03 KPC Using Forces to Intimidate United Farmers
2003-11-03 Bahasa Version]
2003-11-03 KPC Using Forces to Intimidate United Farmers
2003-10-15 Beware the Wolf at the Door: Conservation International
2003-10-15 Oilwatch Open Letter on the Energy and Biodiversity Initiative (EBI)
2003-08-11 We Had a Democracy Once, But You Crushed It
2003-08-09 Cheney firm's rival is forced to drop oil bid
2003-08-09 Not just oil: Bush grabs other minerals in Iraq
2003-08-09 Not just oil: Bush grabs other minerals in Iraq
2003-07-28 Groups Demand Repeal of Bush Immunity for US Oil Companies in Iraq
2003-07-23 London Calling - July 23 2003
2003-07-17 London Calling - July 17 2003
2003-07-17 World Bank warns Indonesia incurs huge environmental cost from mining activities
2003-07-17 London Calling! July 17 2003
2003-07-15 Up against the Red Shield
2003-07-08 London Calling! July 8 2003
2003-07-08 London Calling - July 8 2003
2003-06-19 No Money for Uribe's War Against the Colombian People
2003-05-21 Come clean, oil and mining firms told
2003-05-12 Indonesia's mining quagmire: a furious exchange!
2003-05-12 Indonesia's Mining Quagmire: A Furious Exchange!
2003-04-28 Anti-war carnival arrives at BP AGM
2003-03-02 London Calling - March 2 2003
2003-03-02 London Calling! March 2 2003
2003-01-15 Corporate accountability: why?
2002-08-04 London Calling - August 4 2002
2002-08-04 London Calling - August 4 2002
2002-06-16 Apartheid Victims Sue Western Banks And Firms For Billions
2002-06-16 South Africans To Sue European Banks
2002-06-16 Apartheid victims sue Western banks and firms for billions
2002-02-15 BP and the Tangguh Test
2002-02-02 BP's Coal Interest: Kaltim Prima

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