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2008-08-19 Colombia's Permanent Peoples 'Tribunal condemns mining companies - Tribunal Permanente de los Pueblos condenó a empresas mineras
2008-06-24 Colombia coal train bombed - Ataque rebelde contra carbon en Colombia
2008-04-13 Colombian trade union leader assassinated: Asesinan a dirigente sindical Colombiano
2008-02-07 Colombia controvery
2007-10-09 Latin America update
2007-06-14 Impoverished Chilmari found mineral rich
2007-06-14 Bangladesh update
2007-06-14 Bangladesh update
2007-06-12 Tatas Cool to Mittal's Bangla deal
2007-06-12 Ispat Group to invest $3bn in Bangladesh
2007-06-07 Bangladesh military using murder as law enforcement
2007-06-04 BULLETS AND BALLOTS: Army Takeover in Bangladesh
2007-02-24 Colombia Special - Edición especial Colombia
2007-02-24 Colombia Special - Edición especial Colombia
2007-02-19 Union-Community Solidarity in Colombia: Sintracarbón Takes a Stand
2007-02-18 Profiting from loss
2007-02-10 Civil Society statement
2007-02-10 One Killed in Protest Against Mining Activities in Colombia
2007-02-10 Doubts on Drummond Coal Megaproject in Cesar, Colombia
2007-02-07 Eight Die in Central Colombia Mine Blast
2007-02-04 Coal mine explosion in northeast Colombia kills 32

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