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2018-11-01 Can Burmese-sourced gems soon earn classification like "blood diamonds"?
2018-07-04 Responsible Jewellery Council Should Raise Bar for Supply Chains
2016-05-27 Burmese good intentions aren't matched by deeds
2016-05-09 Burma: no sign of end to resource curses
2015-12-31 Burma: Even more workers killed at Hpakant
2015-11-24 Burmese mining disaster claims over 100 workers' lives
2015-10-23 Myanmar's military elite profit from Jade
2015-07-19 Burma: What does "security clearance" mean in practice?
2015-07-01 Further jade conflict erupts in Burma
2015-06-10 Burma's long-delayed mining legislation is postponed yet again
2015-05-27 Burma is still burning
2015-02-07 Re-defining "conflict minerals" - an important new report
2015-02-07 Burma's war over jade - is there a Chinese link?
2015-01-13 Mineworkers drown in Burmese mud slide
2014-12-26 Burma: Mine protests lead to another killing at Letpadaung
2014-07-05 Burmese jade - a clear "conflict mineral"
2014-04-17 Burma's mining is far from conflict-free - on the contrary
2014-02-07 Burma: Mining threats continue
2013-10-02 Burmese citizens refuse to take mining on the Chin
2013-08-14 Burma: Crackdown on Letpadaung protestors continues
2012-12-11 Russia: Indigenous cooperative is persecuted by State authorities
2012-09-12 Potential for a Mining Boom Splits Factions in Afghanistan
2012-08-21 The state of Burma's mining
2012-08-01 Burmese regime allegedly persecuting Muslim minorities
2010-05-07 Tanzania faces industry opposition to its new mining law
2010-04-18 Mexico's Amber Miners Risk Their Lives for $12 a Day
2010-02-15 Gemstones: A rough cut
2010-02-15 Kenya: Landmark Ruling on Indigenous Land Rights
2010-01-26 Burmese regime is "privatising to retain control of resources"
2009-12-22 Burmese military junta thrives on cycle of corruption
2009-11-09 Burma's junta gets richer as villagers become poorer
2009-10-19 Indian silicosis: UK company denies any liability
2009-10-05 Dusts of Death: Asian Activists Gather to Fight Workplace Illnesses
2009-09-01 Thousands targeted in India's "hidden" resources war
2009-04-27 Burmese junta destroys ecology of Kachin State: Environmentalists
2009-02-23 US sanctions taking toll on Burmese gems industry
2009-01-13 Chinese links to Burma's disastrous mining
2008-11-05 De Beers - not here for the Bushmen's diamonds ?
2008-10-21 US ban on Burma gems needs tightening
2008-10-07 Burma's mining is "built on suffering"
2008-08-11 Jaded appetites bring death while Thai NGOs demand Olympic-focussed
2007-12-20 US Senate passes act forbidding import of Myanmar's gems, timber
2007-12-12 US closes loopholes in sanctions
2007-11-27 Rubies in the dust: can a Burma boycott work?
2007-11-16 Burma's junta opens bloody auction
2007-10-11 China special: CLB report on public interest legislation
2007-02-08 Police Harass Maandagshoek Activist After He Speaks Out Against Councilor and Anglo Platinum
2007-02-08 Africa update
2007-02-08 Africa update
2007-02-06 Tanzania Proceeds With New Mining Tax Policy
2007-02-05 Guinea in turmoil
2006-12-06 Burma Update
2006-12-06 S. Korean Companies "Exported Arms Technology to Burma"
2006-12-06 Burma Update
2006-12-05 Myanmar to further develop finished gem industry
2006-10-20 South Asia Update
2006-10-20 South Asia Update
2006-10-13 International System To Block Sales Of Conflict Diamonds
2006-10-13 South Asia Update
2006-10-11 Gemstone Cowboys
2006-08-23 Burma Update
2006-08-23 Burma Update
2006-08-20 Burma Mining Update
2006-07-20 China Update
2006-07-20 China Update
2006-07-15 Occupational illnesses and injuries cost China 100 billion yuan per year, official warns
2006-07-15 63 killed and 26 trapped in three separate coal mine accidents
2006-02-14 The short working life of Deng Wenping
2005-12-29 China to Monitor Economy-Wide Energy Efficiency
2005-12-23 ANALYSIS - China Metal Firms Feeling Heat on Environment
2005-10-24 High-Tech Toxic Trash Exported to Africa
2005-08-25 Chinese Buyers Boost Demand For Rubellite
2005-08-12 Burma Roads - updates on mining in Burma
2005-08-12 Gems And Tin
2005-08-12 The Search For Investors For The Mwetaung Nickel Deposits
2005-08-12 Burma Roads
2005-07-13 The price miners continue to pay - in Zambia, China and Burma
2005-07-13 Ascienden a 83 las víctimas mortales en accidente minero en China
2005-07-13 China mine death toll rises to 83
2005-07-13 The price miners continue to pay - in Zambia, China and Burma
2005-07-12 Eight Die as Gem Mine Collapses
2005-03-08 Tiffany Says No to Burma's "Blood Gems"
2005-03-08 Tiffany Says No to Burma's "Blood Gems"
2005-02-16 Tiffany Resumes Buying Gems Mined in Myanmar
2005-02-15 World Day against Child Labour 2005 to focus on child labour in mines and quarries
2005-02-15 World Day against Child Labour 2005 to focus on child labour in mines and quarries
2005-01-02 China update: is "growth" with safety a chimera?
2005-01-02 China update: is "growth" with safety a chimera?
2004-05-17 Red Rubies, Black Economy
2004-05-17 Red Rubies, Black Economy in Burma
2004-02-25 "New gem bonanza" in Burma jilted by specialists
2003-12-08 Gem cutting facilities lacking
2003-09-10 Local Burmese condemn military takeover of ruby mine
2003-07-25 Union leader never goes out without bullet-proof vest and pistol

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