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2018-11-19 Vedanta up to new tricks?
2018-10-31 Vedanta's copper smelter alleged polluting by official body
2018-10-29 Mine closure (Part One) - the Indian case
2018-09-25 Tuticorin: Yes, Vedanta/Sterlite did cause major contamination!
2018-09-24 Tamil Nadu state confirms it'll block Vedanta's Tuticorin re-opening
2018-07-28 In peril: Southeast Asia’s environment and its defenders
2018-07-16 India: Report into Thoothukudi Police Violence released
2018-07-02 Vedanta may 'delist' itself from London Stock Exchange following campaign
2018-06-09 Vedanta - serial offender at large
2018-06-08 Opposition leader "expunged" in Tamil Nadu
2018-06-08 'The martyrs did it': bloody end to Indian copper plant saga
2018-06-07 Vedanta in India: a rogue enterprise let loose!
2018-06-06 "Yes, Mr Agarwal, business does need to be kept from politics"
2018-06-06 Tuticorin: a byword for terror unleashed in India
2018-05-23 Bloody police killings of civil protestors against Vedanta's copper operations
2018-05-22 At least 17 citizens mowed down by police in Tamil Nadu
2018-04-22 Vedanta clobbered by accusations of bribery and brow-beating
2018-04-08 As Sterlite plant expands, an Indian city erupts in protest
2018-03-26 Indian protestors link with Britain to take on "Killer" Agarwal
2018-02-13 Vedanta indicted over copper plant pollution - villagers demand its closure
2017-03-10 Norwegian Government Pension Fund updates banned companies list
2016-08-07 Global protests greet Vedanta’s 2016 AGM
2016-04-26 London Calling: Vedanta's fit for a Panama hat?
2016-04-05 London Calling probes the reality of mining behind Goa's playtime facade
2016-03-05 India: will Nyamgiri mining now be allowed?
2015-12-06 How has Goa mining "resumed"?
2015-11-29 India: Indigenous Activist Loses His Battle With Vedanta And Commits Suicide
2015-09-13 India: Ongoing tribal struggles against mining in Orissa
2015-08-04 Global demos around Vedanta AGM in London, India and Africa
2015-07-12 London Calling scrutinises the latest gambit by India's "Al Capone"
2014-08-20 London Calling on Vedanta's Lanjigarh subterfuge
2014-08-06 London Calling in on Vedanta's tenth anniversary
2014-08-04 Activists protest at Vedanta's 2014 AGM over alleged illegalities
2014-03-02 Vedanta on the ropes as scandals build and shares fall
2014-01-13 Final nail plunged into Vedanta's Nyamgiri coffin
2013-12-08 Activists protest mining industry's harmful impact on women
2013-12-01 Agonis Agarwalis
2013-10-15 Vedanta's future plan may trip on past hurdle
2013-08-21 Final tribal meeting rejects Vedanta's mining proposal in Niyamgiri
2013-08-07 Vedanta struggles through AGM as Dongria Kondh say no
2013-07-30 Jolt for Vedanta as mining in Niyamgiri Hills voted out
2013-07-24 India: Vedanta suffers two setbacks in Nyamgiri meetings
2013-07-02 India's central government says Odisha's reading of Niyamgiri verdict incorrect
2013-06-28 India: Vedanta resumes operations at Tuticorin smelter
2013-06-13 Rallying cry: Dongria stand firm against Vedanta mine
2013-05-13 Vedanta shouldn't be allowed to re-open polluting Indian smelter
2013-05-07 Is Nyamgiri ruling a "revolutionary" moment for India's poor?
2013-04-15 Vedanta faces India's Green Tribunal over smelter disaster
2013-04-01 Vedanta Indian copper smelter closed, following toxic leak
2013-01-14 India Tribal affairs minister against diluting Forest Peoples' Rights
2012-12-27 Is Vedanta poised on the brink of failure?
2012-12-17 Will Indian government reverse bauxite mine cancellations in Andhra and Orissa?
2012-12-11 India-UK demonstrators call for closure of Vedanta refinery
2012-10-08 Are aliens conspiring to impoverish Indians?
2012-09-24 Anil Agarwal elected India's "Business Leader of the Year"
2012-09-18 India's state of Goa shuts all iron mines
2012-09-04 Vedanta Resources holds its 2012 AGM
2012-04-24 Indian minister halts fresh Vedanta bid to mine Niyamgiri
2012-03-27 Vedanta's girl has got the "X Factor"!
2012-03-06 Vedanta betrays the people - yet again!
2012-02-20 U.S. judge orders Vedanta to pay $82.75m in damages
2012-02-20 London Calling dials into an Indian scandal
2012-01-23 Vedanta in India: a bad project is given thumbs-down
2012-01-16 Vedanta set to grab further Indian resources - twice over
2011-11-21 More "accidents" at Vedanta's Indian copper smelter
2011-09-12 Apex court reserves order on Sterlite plant
2011-08-30 Vedanta guilty of violations at Indian copper smelter
2011-08-01 Vedanta thrashed, as board clashes with shareholders
2011-07-25 Vedanta set for rough ride as shareholders hover
2011-07-18 Vedanta accused of polluting Andhra Pradesh
2011-05-30 India's National Advisory Council wants radical advances on implementing community rights
2011-04-12 India's Supreme Court agrees to hear Orissa plea for Nyamgiri mine
2011-04-04 Vedanta's children are literally getting "peanuts"
2011-03-22 Vedanta allegedly brands tribal opponents "terrorists"
2011-01-31 Agarwal's juggernaut rolls on regardless
2010-12-13 New study claims Vedanta smelter "endangers human health"
2010-11-08 World's "worst" mining company in the dock - again!
2010-10-25 Vedanta off the hook in Tamil Nadu - but only for a while
2010-10-04 Indian court orders closure of Vedanta's "polluting" copper plant
2010-09-14 Everything Vedanta touches turns to ashes!
2010-09-14 Vedanta blames "foreign-funded" NGOs for its problems
2010-08-30 A famous battle is won - now to end the war!
2010-08-30 Anti-Vedanta activism hits the spotlight in Tamil Nadu
2010-08-02 Is this the "world's most hated company"?
2010-07-24 Armenians up in arms against uranium plans
2010-07-24 Mega-miner to meet its match?
2010-07-04 Mining remains uphill for Vedanta
2010-03-18 London Calling applauds condemnation of Vedanta
2010-02-15 Amnesty report slams Vedanta's operations in India
2009-11-30 London Calling probes the home affairs of an Indian minister - and the company he keeps
2009-11-30 Sixteen years of fraud?
2009-11-23 Vedanta Resources India Unit Proposes IPO To Raise INR51,000M
2009-10-26 UK Treasury taken to court for RBS loans to Vedanta Resources
2009-10-19 From small town poisoning to mega-buck deal
2009-09-27 Many workers die as chimney collapses at Indian plant
2009-09-27 Vedanta accused of illegally constructing death-dealing Indian power plant
2009-09-14 Asarco bidding battle enters final strait
2009-06-08 London Calling returns to Armenia - and the Vedanta connection
2009-06-02 London Calling asks if Vedanta's guilty of a massive money laundering racket
2009-04-27 London Calling on today's state of corporate mine play
2009-04-14 Mexico’s largest mining company ordered to pay Asarco $6 billion
2009-04-06 Rejecting the marginalization of women in the Indian mining sector
2008-09-22 Asarco-Grupo Mexico dispute nearing conclusion? - Southern envuelta en millonaria disputa
2008-08-11 A double disgrace that shames all India
2008-08-04 Vedanta's Agarwal walks his talk - to little avail
2008-07-14 Vedanta faces high-level US environmental scrutiny
2008-01-02 Resistance grows to India's rural invasions
2007-09-01 London Calling
2007-08-04 Vedanta update
2007-08-04 Vedanta In Chhattisgarh (india)
2007-03-22 Mining Company Headquarters
2007-03-22 Stop Mining Tibet Day of Action - March 22 2007
2007-03-22 National organizers:
2007-03-22 Stop Mining Tibet Day of Action - March 22 2007
2007-03-03 Dirty Zod
2007-03-03 London Calling scents something rotten in the North Woods - and even worse in Armenia
2007-02-15 Agarwal's Big Steal
2007-02-02 Vedanta update
2007-02-02 Vedanta update
2007-02-01 Union Minister sympathises with anti-Vedanta Varsity villagers
2007-01-30 ARMENIA
2007-01-15 Vedanta eyeing Indian gold mines
2007-01-14 Vedanta in search of steel partner
2006-06-24 London Calling dissects a distinctly dodgy deal
2006-06-24 Sources: Indian Firm Accused Of Misusing Armenia's Gold Reserves:
2006-06-24 London Calling Dissects A Distinctly Dodgy Deal
2006-04-18 India Update
2006-04-18 Posco to cut down ore swapping: New technology expected to bring down cost
2006-04-18 Indian Update
2006-04-12 Environment Ministry clears uranium project at Nalgonda
2006-04-12 Govt threatens to cancel MoUs of five companies Pioneer News Service
2006-04-12 Tisco to expand Orissa ferro alloys unit, add power unit Project cost could go up to Rs 100 crore
2006-04-12 Kalinga Nagar tribals agree to meet CM
2006-04-12 FDI top on Maoists' radar in Orissa
2006-04-12 Global majors keen on India's new exploration blocks
2006-04-11 India needs 1 lakh tonnes uranium, says Kakodkar
2006-04-10 Nalco meet discusses fund use
2006-04-10 India Inc lines up for a new slice of Orissa
2006-04-10 DAE plans to involve private sector in uranium exploration
2006-04-07 Jharasagdu district is where the UK devil, Vedanta, plans to set up a huge alumininum smelter...
2006-03-30 Job demand halts UCIL mining
2006-03-26 Indian miners, traders ship out iron ore fines to enjoy soaring global price
2006-02-13 Sold down the river
2006-01-12 Sources: The Stranded “london” Whale: All Uk News Media, 21-22/1/2006; London Evening St
2005-11-15 Agarwal Accused Of Violating Armenian Laws
2005-11-15 Agarwal accused of violating Armenian laws - while Vedanta continues its rampages through India
2005-10-20 UK company faces yet another indictment in India
2005-10-15 Well-known India environmental activist, Nityanand Jayaraman, rehearses the Vedanta scandal in Oriss
2005-10-15 How big business gets away with environmental violations
2005-09-26 As news circulates of the Indian Supreme Court CEC's rejection of Vedanta's grandiose schemes in Ori
2005-09-26 Demand for Chief Minister's resignation over Vedanta scandal
2005-09-24 Press Release: SC Committee Says No to Vedanta/Sterlite’s Orissa Refinery
2005-09-21 Indian Supreme Court committee condemns Vedanta's Orissa projects
2005-09-21 Indian Supreme Court committee condemns Vedanta's Orissa projects
2005-08-02 Vedanta: UK Company Accused of Multiple Violations
2005-06-25 A news report from India's IANS news service confirms that indigenous families forced off their land
2005-06-24 British company accused of "tyrrany" and land grab in India
2005-06-24 BALCO rejects land grab allegations
2005-06-24 British company accused of "tyrrany" and land grab in India
2005-06-15 quot;Kalahandi district collector Saswat Mishra, instead of coming to people's aid, is acting as a
2005-05-12 Setback to Vedanta: Petition against Central Empowered Committee rejected
2005-04-30 London Calling! April 30 2005
2005-04-30 London Calling - April 30 2005
2005-03-04 Dr Mutesa Questions Vedanta Deal in Zambia
2005-03-04 Dr Mutesa Questions Vedanta Deal
2005-03-04 Vedanta: Bad Pennies keep turning up
2005-02-10 Vedanta plans Rs 7,000-cr aluminium smelter in Orissa
2005-01-15 Reign of terror in Kashipur - People pay the price as the CM wants to inaugurate UAIL Plant in Janua
2005-01-12 Meanwhile, the world's largest mining company, BHPBilliton, has stepped in to the disputed area, j
2005-01-12 SC team opposes mining in two areas in Orissa
2005-01-11 Indigenous communities get Supreme Court backing
2005-01-11 Supreme Court opposes mining in Orissa
2004-12-16 Fax Message received from Rayagada from the All left and Progressive party delegation
2004-12-16 Press statement from mines, minerals and People
2004-12-15 Leadership dissuades people from confronting Police on 7th Dec. to avoid bloodshed. Police terror co
2004-12-06 Open Letter to Shri Navin Patnaik, Chief Minister of Orissa
2004-12-06 London Calling Urgent Alert - December 6 2004
2004-12-05 From An Observer In The Vedanta Area (december 5th 2004):
2004-12-04 A murky deal
2004-12-01 Brutal Police Action On Agitating Tribals In Kashipur
2004-11-29 Kashipur Update 16/12/2004
2004-11-29 "Shocking revelations" and an "horrific breakdown of governance" in Orissa
2004-11-29 quot;Shocking revelations" and an "horrific breakdown of governance" in Orissa
2004-11-25 J B Patnaik meets President, PM on bauxite mining
2004-11-21 British-based Vedanta last week chalked up its first profits since its launch on the London Stock E
2004-11-21 Vedanta allegations go to Indian President
2004-11-19 India's Supreme Court Panel Cracks Down on Hazardous Waste
2004-11-03 Opposition seeks CBI probe into mining deal
2004-11-03 Vedanta's Orissa prospects threatened with the boot
2004-11-03 Vedanta's Orissa prospects threatened with the boot
2004-11-03 Orissa CM injured in Assembly fracas
2004-10-27 Congress alleges kickback in alumina plant deal
2004-10-10 Vedanta Alumina gets mining rights for Lanjigarh project
2004-09-17 Vedanta on another rampage in India
2004-08-27 London Calling Publisher
2004-08-27 London Calling! August 27 2004
2004-08-27 London Calling - August 27 2004
2004-08-25 Sterlite To Set Up Steel Plant In Orissa
2004-08-08 A Struggle To Save Niyamgiri Forests
2004-07-30 Not such a fair wind for Fowle - Review of Vedanta AGM
2004-07-30 Financial Times; July 30, 2004
2004-07-30 I wasn't too greedy says head of Vedanta
2004-07-30 Some Press Coverage of the Vedanta meeting is below:-
2004-07-30 Not such a fair wind for Fowle
2004-06-04 London Calling - June 4 2004
2004-06-04 London Calling! June 4 2004
2004-05-25 London Calling - May 25 2004
2004-04-15 An anti-people project
2004-04-15 The radical Indian weekly, Frontline, has over many years adopted uncompromising positions in suppo
2004-04-15 Nuclear power project in India is "anti-people"
2004-04-12 Asia's upcoming nuclear power plants spark fierce competition among global equipment makers
2004-03-30 Indian Tribals Protest At The Proposed Strerlite-vedanta & Uail Projects In Orissa
2004-03-30 Indian tribals protest at the proposed Sterlite-Vedanta & UAIL projects in Orissa
2004-03-15 India: Hindu Nationalism and Orissa: Minorities As Other
2004-03-11 Articles on Indian companies' overseas ambitions
2004-03-02 Vedanta In A Bear Hug, Scrip Falls 12%
2004-02-26 London Calling - February 26 2004
2004-02-26 London Calling! February 26 2004
2004-02-24 Vedanta May Offer Swap To Sterlite Shareholders
2004-02-24 Vedanta Plans To Hike Sterlite Stake To 75%
2004-02-24 Sterlite May Buy Govt's 49% Stake In Balco
2004-02-23 Vedanta To Consolidate India Operations
2004-02-23 The Vedanta Threat Increases
2004-02-23 The Vedanta threat increases
2004-02-10 Satyagraha Yatra: Finished Yatra In Kalahandi Region In Orissa
2004-02-10 Violation of Human Rights by Sterlite Company
2004-02-09 Niyam Raja: Tribal Villages Bulldozed as the Shadow of Vedanta Looms over One of the Most Sacred Mou
2004-02-09 Tribal Villages Bulldozed as the Shadow of Vedanta Looms over One of the Most Sacred Mountains in Or
2004-01-17 An industry dedicated to deception - presentation to World Social Forum
2004-01-10 Vedanta - the panto! A London Calling special - January 10 2004
2004-01-10 A London Calling Special - January 10 2004
2003-12-15 Delving Into Vedanta's Murky Recent History
2003-12-01 Sources: Launch of Vedanta IPO: Financial Times (FT) 5/12/2003; Hedge funds buying Vedanta: FT 6-7
2003-10-15 India: the rising threat from communalists and corporations
2003-10-15 Mock Letter: An Appeal Favoring Peoples Right Over Natural Resources
2003-10-15 Kalahandi Some Facts And Figures
2003-10-15 Orissa: A Gujarat In The Making
2003-10-15 India: The Rising Threat From Communalists And Corporations
2003-06-13 Tribals wreck Sterlite foundation stone
2003-06-04 London Calling - June 4 2003
2002-11-21 British company accused in Indian scandals
2001-05-15 Impact of Posco port is under study
2001-05-10 References
2001-05-01 India's Supreme Court Panel Cracks Down on Hazardous Waste
2001-05-01 Occupational Injuries and Deaths at Sterlite.
2001-05-01 Report of the Visit of the SCMC to Tamilnadu September 20-22, 2004
2001-05-01 Those following recent events around the activities in India of the British company, Vedanta, alrea
2001-04-23 Dirty Digger Awards 2003

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