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Violation of Human Rights by Sterlite Company

Published by MAC on 2004-02-10

Violation of Human Rights by Sterlite Company - Attempt of Forceful Evictions Bulldozed the Village

Niyamgiri Surakshya Samiti, Belamba, Lnjigada, Kalahandi, Orissa
Press Release - Belamba (Kalahandi)

10th February 2004

On February 01, 2004 the officers of Sterlite India limited the way they forcefully evicted a village Kinari violates human rights in our areas.

On 1st February, suddenly few people from the company with help of local police forced people of Kinari (nearly 35 houses) to pack their belongings. Later they kept them in the rehabilitation colony constructed on the slope of a hill by the company and bulldozed the entire Kinari village. It is true that that villager was given compensation money with help of district administration. But that money is still in the bank. Neither any one has purchased land nor the company has given them land in lieu of land. Even they were not given proper time to make the arrangement of their cattle. The way the company did this work and crushed their ancestral village is not only inhuman but is demonic also.

Now those people are crying. Only they have the last year's crop with them and have no work now. All they are cordoned off by local police. Even we are not permitted to meet them. Are they dacoits or animals of a zoo for which the district administration, police and company is behaving in such way?

Here to say that, we the other villages like Kapaguda, Belamba, Turiguda, Sindhbahali, Boringpadar and Basantapada are opposing the Sterlite Company tooth and nail. We will not leave our land at any cost rather we would prefer to die. Such behaviour of the company, police and administration and ruling politicians is a lesson of all of us. Our struggle against the company is still going on non-violent way and very soon we would declare our programe against such demonic behaviour of the company.

Here we are requesting all concerned citizens, citizens groups, human rights groups and journalists to visit our areas and help us in bringing the truth. I on behalf of "Niyamgiri Surakshya Samiti" am requesting all of you to condemn such inhuman incident of the Sterlite Company.

Daisingh Majhi Convenor, Niyamgiri Surakshya Samiti

(This is exact translation of the oriya Press Release distributed in the Kalahandi district and Bhubaneswar)

For background on this piece please see:- Tribal Villages Bulldozed as the Shadow of Vedanta Looms over One of the Most Sacred Mountains in Orissa (9 Feb 04)

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