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Fax Message received from Rayagada from the All left and Progressive party delegation

Published by MAC on 2004-12-16

Fax Message received from Rayagada from the All left and Progressive party delegation

Leaders Prevented by Company Goons and Police at Tikiri from Addressing Martyr's Day Function at Kucheipadar on December 16, 2004

1. The leaders of the left and progressive political forces led by Shri Narayan reddy, MLA & Shri Shambhunath Nayak, MLA faced a lot of harassment right from their journey from Bhubaneswar to Rayagada.

2. In the morning of the 16/12 when the team left from Rayagada for Kucheipadar, the police tried to discourage the team and said that anyway they wouldn't be allowed and the team should not waste petrol.

3. At Rupkona, the IIC, Rayagada, Kishore Kumar Langayat tried to first stop the team asking for the papers of the vehicles (for checking by RTO) and wanted the MLAs to discuss with the Superintendent of Police over phone from Kumbhikota. About 100 policemen delayed our journey for about one hour. When the team didn't listen to the police and proceeded the police was seen to be saying why foreign delegates have come unnecessarily. A foreign team led by Jean Martinez was following behind us to join the Martyr's Day for expressing solidarity.

4. At Tikiri, after crossing the Bazaar, at the gate of the police station suddenly a crown of about 100 pelted stones and tried to block the way and the police was actively helping these goons (hired by the Company). When the Police didn't allow us to proceed further and after we objected, the police took all the vehicles and the 4th vehicle carrying the foreigners inside the police station and detained us for over 4 hours and ultimately did not allow us to proceed to the meeting.

5. During our entire period of detention inside the police station we staged a Dharna to protest against the Police and Company Goonda raj and addressed the press.

6. Outside, the Company hired goons kept on shouting slogans "Narayan Reddy Murdabad, Narayan Reddy down-down, Arrest Narayan Reddy, Narayan reddy go back, we demand UAIL company" and the police was seen to be joking and working with these goons. The police also tried to bring the so called people protesting our visit and tried to have confrontation with the team

7. Although the Slogan shouting went on for four hours, hardly hundred people gathered. There was absolutely no support in the town and these people were seen to be taking orders from Police and behaving accordingly. They snatched away our files and camera, physically abused us outside the thana, took away the loaded reels of the cameramen accompanying us, took away the passport of the foreigners, tried to harass them and broke the windowpanes of the cars of the liberation team which arrived a little late. The police remained as mere spectators.

8. We learned from various people that the Martyr's day function was well attended by over 7000 people with traditional arms.

9. The police was asked us not to go to the meeting and not to send the MLAs. We insisted that the whole team should be allowed or else we will return back. Accordingly after 4 hours of detention the police escorted us upto Rayagada and we reached Rayagada at 4 PM.

10. The entire team condemns this act of the police, administration and Company and has expressed its strongest condemnation for this anti-democratic role of the State. This is nothing but industrialization at gun point.

11. We met several press reporters who met the same fate as us.

12. We call upon all patriotic, democratic and anti-imperialist to come together and fight against State sponsored terrorism. We demand immediate withdrawal of the Police force from Kashipur and restore normalcy. We demand that the Kashipur struggle people should be given utmost protection for their rightful struggle. If the MLAs and Leaders of the political parties are not able to express their democratic views/opinions, then what is the fate of the people and those fighting with them.

Fax message sent by:

. Narayan Reddy, MLA, CPI
. Shambhunath Nayak, MLA, SUCI
. Gananath Patra, CPI(ML) State Secretary
. Shivram, CPI-ML (Red Flag) State Secretary
. Abhiram Behera, CPI-M, State Committee member
. Bijay Mohanty, State Committee member, CPI
. Budha Gomango, President, Loka Sangram Manch
. Gangadhar Mishra, Sarvodaya
. Rajendra Sarangi, Convenor, Loka Pakhya
. Ashok Pradhan CPI-ML (Liberation) State Committee Member
. Samarendra Das, Samjwadi Jana Parishad
. Pradeep Senapati, Samajwadi Party
And others

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