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Infinito Gold has 19 articles

2014-02-14 Infinito Gold finally files lawsuit against Costa Rican government
2013-10-08 Canada's Infinito Gold is suing Costa Rica for more than $1 billion
2013-04-09 Canadian companies threaten El Salvador and Costa Rica
2012-11-01 Canadian mining company in Costa Rican legal storm
2011-12-05 Costa Rica: Court annuls Crucitas mining concession, dismisses appeals
2011-11-30 Costa Rica: Judge Leaked Draft Decision on Crucitas gold mine
2010-11-29 Costa Rican court shuts down Canadian gold mine
2010-11-16 Costa Rica lawmakers vote to ban open-pit mining
2010-11-08 Hunger Strikers Get Non-Committal Response on Mine, Costa Rica
2010-06-26 Costa Rica reaffirms opposition to open-pit gold mining
2010-05-20 Costa Rica's elected president bans new gold mines
2010-04-24 Crucitas, Costa Rica: March Against Gold Mine Exploitation
2010-02-15 Costa Rican Catholics condemn unethical mining
2009-11-16 Costa Rica: Is this the final battle over gold mine?
2008-12-02 Costa Rica's president vetos Environmental Referendum Law - Gobierno veta ley de referendos ambientales
2008-11-10 Venezuela: Chavez to offer Russians Las Cristinas gold project - Chavez ofrece a empresa rusa proyecto de oro revocado a Crystallex
2008-10-27 Costa Rica's president faces accusations, as company ordered to stop felling trees - Costa Rica: Investigacion emprendida por la Fisclia
2008-10-21 Costa Ricans and Nicaraguans demand halt to mine project backed by Nobel prize winner
2008-07-01 Costa Rica: Fears of environmental impact on the San Juan River - Temor por daños ambientales en el Río San Juan

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