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2015-11-14 What do outgoing Canadian Prime Ministers get up to in their free time?
2015-06-24 Mining highlighted in report on the world's worst places for workers
2015-01-28 There's gold in them thar hills - and African governments want a bigger piece
2014-12-21 Zambia's bold move to rein in mining
2014-10-18 Miners threaten Zambia over royalty hike
2013-02-11 Zambian government seeks a better mining deal
2012-06-12 New protest in Peru cost 2 lives, the arrest of one Mayor, and 2 legislators quit
2011-11-14 Canada - Harper's Bazaar
2011-07-25 Africa's uranium industry "threatens people and nature"
2011-07-11 Zambia says First Quantum to pay $224m in back taxes
2011-06-28 'Transparency' hides Zambia's lost billions
2011-06-13 EIB halts Glencore lending on governance concerns
2011-04-18 Glencore is accused of tax evasion in Zambia
2010-09-14 DR Congo nationalises one of its largest copper mines
2010-08-16 Zambia's government may re-introduce windfall tax on miners
2010-01-31 Mining companies reject windfall tax
2010-01-19 Zambian copper output to rise in 2010
2009-12-22 Congo: Conflict over "conflict minerals" approach
2009-08-25 Freeport falls foul of DR Congo government - but scrapes by
2009-04-27 Ups and downs of DRC mining
2009-04-27 Zambia - at sixes and sevens over mineral policy?
2009-02-02 Zambia succumbs to industry pressure
2009-01-19 Is this the end of mining as we know it?
2008-12-30 DRC completes mining review, says majors quit talks
2008-11-10 New Zambian president pleases miners: taxes may fall
2008-02-13 Foreign mining companies threaten Zambia
2008-01-15 Zambia's new mine taxes: will they be taxing?
2007-11-05 Undermining Zambia's development
2007-08-04 Vedanta update
2007-08-04 Vedanta In Chhattisgarh (india)
2005-12-09 Human Rights and extractive industry
2005-12-09 For More Information On The Escr-net Corporate Accountability Working Group, We Encourage You To Vis
2005-12-09 Joint Ngo Report On Human Rights And The Extractive Industry & Consultations
2005-12-09 Human Rights And Extractive Industry
2005-10-12 Zambia's miners paying the price
2005-03-05 Canadian Ex-Prime Minister influence peddling for Canadian firms
2005-03-05 Aside from those mining companies which are named below, it is noteworthy that an oil company whose
2004-03-30 Jean's jaunts
2001-10-15 Congo: The Western Heart of Darkness
2001-10-15 Heart Of Darkness
2001-10-15 Canadian Companies
2001-10-15 Congo: The Western Heart Of Darkness
2001-05-01 A Balkanized Congo
2001-04-15 Armies Of Business

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