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2018-02-04 Is Norway all at sea when it comes to mine waste dumping?
2018-01-26 China zaps Trump, while promising blue skies!
2018-01-20 Are we all set for "Urban Mining"?
2017-11-02 The major challenge of resource availability in the 21st century
2017-07-31 Trump finds reason for US to remain in Afghanistan: Minerals
2017-01-13 SQM's Chilean Rot
2016-12-28 Tibetans in anguish as Chinese mines pollute their sacred grasslands
2016-12-19 Lithium: Mining mountains of water in northern Argentina
2013-05-21 Chinese protests mount as province suspends coal production
2012-04-02 Latin America's pending lithium wars
2011-08-01 Indigenous Communities in Salinas Grandes mobilize against lithium mining, Argentina
2011-03-08 Montana state Senate OKs bill modifying ban on cyanide
2011-01-10 When Solar pits "Greens" against green
2010-06-19 US claims to have identified vast mineral riches in Afghanistan
2009-02-10 Bolivia: Lithium is also our property, say Indigenous Peoples - El litio tambén es nuestro, dicen Pueblos Indígenas de Bolivia
2008-01-10 Latin America update
2007-06-22 Mobile phones: recycling toxic metals slows in EU
2007-06-22 Hoarding Old Mobile Phones Slows EU Recycle Drive
2007-06-22 Mobile phones: recycling toxic metals slows in EU
2007-05-28 China Update
2007-05-28 China Update
2007-05-09 Chinese Banks Still Have A Long Way To Go On Environment
2007-03-11 Vedanta update
2007-03-11 ZAMBIA: "Now we are dead because of KCM"
2007-03-11 Vedanta asked to stop construction
2007-03-11 Vedanta update
2007-03-03 London Calling scents something rotten in the North Woods - and even worse in Armenia
2007-03-03 London Calling Scents Something Rotten In The North Woods - And Even Worse In Armenia
2006-11-28 South Africa Update
2006-08-08 Coeur d'Alene Says Alaska Mine Suit Dismissed
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-08-08 US Update
2006-08-06 Appalachian Citizens Demonstrate at Governors Conference
2006-08-04 Group says proposed N.S. quarry will hurt environment, tourism and fishery
2006-08-04 Errors understate mercury emissions
2006-08-02 Suit Filed Over Paradise Coal-fired Plant in Kentucky
2006-07-19 China to Ban Small Scale Coal-to-Liquid Plants
2006-07-19 China to Invest US$175 Billion in Environment Clean-Up
2006-07-18 China Update
2006-07-18 INTERVIEW - China, India Not Ready to Cut Emissions - UN Official
2006-07-18 Thousand Armed Police Quell Protest against Manganese Processing Plant
2006-07-18 China Update
2006-07-01 Burma Update
2006-05-25 The imperative to ban seabed mining
2006-04-18 Posco to cut down ore swapping: New technology expected to bring down cost
2006-04-18 Indian Update
2006-04-18 India Update
2006-04-12 Global majors keen on India's new exploration blocks
2006-04-12 Environment Ministry clears uranium project at Nalgonda
2006-04-12 Govt threatens to cancel MoUs of five companies Pioneer News Service
2006-04-12 Tisco to expand Orissa ferro alloys unit, add power unit Project cost could go up to Rs 100 crore
2006-04-12 Kalinga Nagar tribals agree to meet CM
2006-04-12 FDI top on Maoists' radar in Orissa
2006-04-11 India needs 1 lakh tonnes uranium, says Kakodkar
2006-04-10 DAE plans to involve private sector in uranium exploration
2006-04-10 Nalco meet discusses fund use
2006-04-10 India Inc lines up for a new slice of Orissa
2006-04-07 Jharasagdu district is where the UK devil, Vedanta, plans to set up a huge alumininum smelter...
2006-03-30 Job demand halts UCIL mining
2006-03-26 Indian miners, traders ship out iron ore fines to enjoy soaring global price
2006-02-25 India Update
2006-02-25 India Update
2006-02-24 Philippines Update
2006-02-24 Philippines Update
2006-02-20 Negros Folk Gear for War with Mining Companies
2006-02-16 Heightened Surveillance and Harassment of Cordillera Political Activists
2006-01-02 Argentina update: wars for gold and lithium
2006-01-02 Argentina update: wars for gold and lithium
2005-12-05 Complaints Against Minera del Altiplano Before Secretary of Human Rights of Argentina
2005-10-24 Updates on mining in India
2005-09-06 Bauxite mining: AP Girijana Sangham wants MoU scrapped
2005-09-06 India mining updates
2005-09-06 Dang Panel Recommends Considering Greenfield Steel Plants in Fifth Schedule Areas
2005-09-06 Orissa govt to open chrome ore mines to private bidders
2005-09-06 Tata Steel to invest up to Rs 55,000 cr in Jharkhand
2005-09-06 Over the past months an unprecedented number of iron ore/steel, bauxite (and now chromite) proposals
2005-09-05 The galloping increase in dangerous and polluting sponge iron plants in India has stimulated resist
2005-09-05 State comes under fire for `unilateral' bauxite pact
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China
2004-03-22 For All the TNCs in China - A London Calling special - March 22 2004
2003-12-23 Increased pollution from British mine in Indonesia
2003-12-23 West Kutai calls for clarification from PT Kelian
2003-12-23 Increased pollution from British mine in Indonesia
2003-11-19 Kazakhs slap pollution fines on key investors
2001-05-15 Impact of Posco port is under study

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