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2007-03-16 Indonesia update
2007-03-16 Indonesian update
2007-03-15 Inco plans to invest $1 billion to build two nickel plants
2007-03-15 RI considers ban on granite exports
2007-03-15 Intervention of the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in the Making of Investment Law in Indonesi
2007-03-09 Many Mining Firms Skip Health Studies
2007-02-16 12 environmentally-damaging projects permanently canceled
2007-02-16 China update
2007-02-16 China Update
2007-02-15 600 new mineral deposits found in Tibet Plateau
2007-02-13 China Vows Action on Pollution after Missing Target
2007-02-08 China to Shut Down Smaller Power Plants; Effects Remain to Be Seen
2006-03-19 Latin America Update
2006-03-18 Peruvian Mining Town Must Balance Health And Economics

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