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Greece has 34 articles

2017-09-20 Greek government surrenders to Eldorado Gold
2016-01-12 Greece: Eldorado suspends work, lays off 600 after spat with government
2015-08-20 Eldorado Gold to take legal action against Greece
2015-04-01 Eldorado Gold devastates Greek communities but avoids paying tax
2015-02-01 Door slammed on major Eldorado mining project in Greece
2014-12-15 A Greek mining scandal: Reports of tax avoidance, corporate-state corruption ...
2013-05-13 Greece's gold battle continues unabated
2013-04-22 Switzerland: International Day against gold mining in Zurich
2013-04-15 Greece's Halkidiki mining conflict escalates
2013-03-25 Greeks fighting Eldorado allege human rights abuses by police
2013-02-25 Greece: Local people's voice will not be silenced at Halkidiki
2013-01-21 Greek protests continue against Eldorado Gold
2013-01-07 Are we all going to climate hell in a handcart?
2012-06-19 Greek Protests against Vancouver's Eldorado Gold
2007-05-10 China, India to Lead Luring Green Projects by '12
2007-05-10 US, Russian Greenhouse Gas Emissions Up, EU's Dip
2007-05-10 Germany, UK Home to Most of EU's Dirty Power Plants
2007-05-10 Emissions and Omissions
2007-05-10 Emissions and Omissions
2006-02-21 World Bank/IFC may increase vulnerability
2006-02-21 World Bank/IFC may increase vulnerability
2005-03-11 Three Balkan Countries Say No to Goldmines
2005-03-11 Three Balkan Countries Say “No” to Goldmines
2005-02-21 IFC new standards are a risky step for people and planet
2003-06-15 Mavres Petres in Greece Mine to Shut Down
2002-12-16 Red Mine Waste Fouls Pristine Greek Bay
2002-04-27 Addresses/Fax/Email:
2002-04-27 SAMPLE LETTER:
2002-04-27 Citizens from the village of Stratoniki in northeastern Greece have contacted us asking for assistan
2002-04-27 Urgent Action on Behalf of Greek Citizens over TVX
2002-04-18 Greek Residents Protesting Canadian Gold Mining Company Scuffle with Police
2002-04-18 Maria Residents protesting Canadian gold mining company scuffle with police
2001-05-23 Maria Kadoglou of
2001-05-23 Urgent Action on Behalf of Greek Citizens over TVX

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