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Maria Kadoglou of

Published by MAC on 2001-05-23

Maria Kadoglou of Hellenic Mining Watch notes that the first violent clashes with the police took place yesterday at Stratoniki, the village that is being undermined by TVX.

For the past month, the villagers have been peacefully protesting every day against the company activity that is causing their houses to crack. Under the protection of a strong police force, TVX is extracting 1,500 tons per day from underneath the village. Three days ago the first subsidence pit appeared in the village, over the newly mined area.

Their trial has been set for tomorrow. The Associated Press article below does not give the real picture - the truth is that many people, mostly old folks, were badly beaten by the police who areprotecting the company. It won't be long until more pits appear. Violence is bound to continue - meanwhile the government has so far succeded in keeping everything out of the media and newspapers.

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