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2018-01-23 Coal criminal is running for US Senate!
2016-04-07 USA: Blankenship gets only a year's gaol for coal crimes
2015-12-05 A US travesty of justice: Coal Don found guilty of mere "misdemeanour"
2013-09-14 Former Massey coal executive sentenced to three years in prison for endangering miners' lives
2012-04-02 Which are the world's "most controversial" mining companies?
2012-03-27 As the mountains fall in Appalachia
2011-12-12 Massey Energy fined US$10.8 million for worst mining disaster in 40 years
2011-10-18 Massey employee convicted in Upper Big Branch mine investigation
2011-09-26 Dear Big Coal: You're Not Above The Law
2011-07-04 Massey accused of criminal acts leading to US mine disaster
2011-06-13 Hundreds march to save Blair Mountain
2011-05-30 US Pension funds demand justice from Massey Energy
2011-05-10 Is US coal coming under control?
2011-03-14 US mountain-top removal prompts legal action
2010-12-21 Appalachian Coal: An Insult to Their Memory
2010-11-29 In the US new and existing coal plants will run for years
2010-10-18 Many mining deaths go unrecorded: ICEM
2010-10-04 "No Coal!" - protests from the ocean to the White House
2010-09-05 US: Coal mining the mountains has investors rattled
2010-08-30 A Mountain in the Stream
2010-07-24 Massey mine workers disabled safety monitor
2010-06-26 US: Massey tries escaping penalties for killing employees
2010-05-29 Evidence given of duplicity at Massey mine in Congressional Hearing, US
2010-05-07 Massey stocks plummet on criminal probe news
2010-04-18 The Great US Coal Disaster
2010-04-08 Blood on the Coal: a special feature
2009-06-16 Beating swords into ploughshares? Four US coal cases
2009-06-02 Gordon gee-ed himself up and quit
2009-05-18 Gee up - and get out! Environmentalists demand university president resigns from Massey Coal
2009-05-05 I went to the mountain top - and they're still mining coal
2009-04-20 Mining crisis still hits hard on workers around the world
2008-12-30 Massey yet again found guilty
2008-12-09 Bush burns and wastes - right up to the wire
2008-01-17 Toxic spills to Appalachian waters cost Massey $20 million
2007-10-21 A Hedge Too Far
2007-10-11 US update
2007-08-30 US update
2007-08-24 Opponents Of Mountaintop Removal Decry Bush's New Mining Rules
2007-05-04 New Bill Would Halt Waste Dumping in Lakes, Rivers, Streams
2007-05-04 US update
2007-05-04 US update
2007-05-04 State Air Pollution Officials Urge National Climate Law
2007-05-04 US Has 'Implicit' Price on Carbon Emissions - DOE
2007-05-04 Senate Panel OKs Bill to Increase Green US Power
2007-05-01 Reign of Bush Fish and Wildlife Official Ends in Disgrace
2007-04-30 Six Critical Air Pollutants Down in 2006
2007-04-30 Supreme Court Lets Air Pollution Equipment Ruling Stand
2007-04-21 Editorial note: Anglo American's chairman, Mark Moody-Stuart, claimed last week at the company's 2
2007-04-21 Legacy of Libby's asbestos contamination still being set
2007-04-21 US update
2007-04-21 US Update
2007-04-18 Climate Fears, Costs Threaten Coal-Fired Power Plans
2007-04-16 27.5 Million Funds Uranium Contamination Studies
2007-04-13 Climate Justice League Strikes Merrill Lynch
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-30 US update
2007-03-29 Mining safety agency imposes $1.5M fine on Massey Energy for W.Va. mine violations
2007-03-23 US Update
2007-03-23 Nbsp;
2007-03-23 Judge Blocks Mountaintop Removal Permits
2007-03-23 Us Update
2006-10-28 US Update
2006-10-28 Taking On a Coal Mining Practice as a Matter of Faith
2006-10-28 Coal magnate trying to fire up GOP support
2006-10-28 US Update
2006-10-24 Union demands safer coal mines, protests Stickler appointment
2006-06-29 Nevada Senator Slashes Nuclear Waste Dump Budget for 2007
2006-06-29 U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions Up Again in 2005
2006-06-29 US Update
2006-06-29 US Update
2006-06-28 Suit says Doe Run tainted area near lead mine
2006-06-27 Landholder threatens to nix Doe Run lease; Suit accuses company of violating environmental laws.
2006-06-27 U.S. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Global Warming Case
2006-06-26 Massey Indicted
2006-05-09 Dirtier Side Betrays Promise of 'Clean Coal'
2006-05-09 US Update
2006-05-09 US Update
2006-04-27 North America Update
2006-04-27 North America Update
2006-04-27 U.S. Air Cleaner But Millions Still Inhale Soot, Smog
2006-03-15 The Coal Mine Next Door
2006-03-08 Mercury Levels Still High in Virginia River Fish
2006-03-08 Washington State Hands E-Waste Costs to Manufacturers
2006-03-07 US Update
2006-03-07 US Update
2006-03-01 Citizens fight mining companies carving off mountaintops
2006-01-25 In Defense of Mountains / On the Frontlines Against Destructive Mining
2006-01-25 US UPDATE: Mounting campaigns
2006-01-25 US UPDATE: Mounting campaigns
2006-01-21 Ramapough Mountain Indians Sue Ford Over Toxic Contamination
2006-01-12 Mining a Dirty Business in More Ways Than One
2006-01-11 Killing miners isn't accidental
2006-01-11 Killing miners isn't accidental
2006-01-09 Fines in mining deaths cut back
2006-01-08 Mining offences punished lightly
2005-11-10 Western Shoshone Headed Back to Court to Challenge Yucca Mountain
2005-11-09 Nuclear Waste Funding Slashed in 2006 Energy Budget
2005-11-09 Roundup on Mining in USA
2005-11-09 Roundup on Mining in USA
2005-11-06 Latest mining suit adds 'silt snake' angle
2005-07-08 Polluters Will Pay $50 Million to Clean Maryland Superfund Site
2001-05-01 West Virginia Town Fights Blanket of Coal Dust

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