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Digging for truths about global warming

The 2009 "Copenhagen Accord" on Climate Change represented a massive betrayal; one that can be spelt out in a phrase: "Two Degrees Too many!"

That's the increase in global greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) that most states are now prepared to allow for the forseeable future, even though this threatens devastation of the Asia-Pacific and "death for millions" in Africa.

Even many delegates who refused to sign up to this fraudulent accord didn't have much better to offer. They still pin faith on dubious market mechanisms which carry their own human and ecological toll.

This special web page focuses on critical realities that most governments, and some NGOs, continue to ignore - specifically the global role of coal.

While there are manifold triggers of adverse climate change, coal usage plays a greater role than any other. This is confirmed, not only by the man who "discovered" global warming, but also in a sober scientific study released a month pior to the 2009 Copenhagen summit.  

Coal is for burning

The mining and burning of this fossil fuel has now become more vital to electricity generation than oil or gas. Although its use has recently declined in some Northern jurisdictions, elsewhere plans to excavate the "black stuff" are advancing faster than ever before.

For example, India – already dependent on coal for two-thirds of its power – will actually emit more GGE over the coming decade than at present, primarily from burning coal. South Africa intends to build a massive coal-fired power plant, partly to serve requirements in its platinum belt.

Mongolia – miniscule as a GGE "culprit" compared with most other states – is about to permit mining of a world-class coal deposit. Despite its favourability as a site for wave and wind power, the Philippines is threatened with having even more coal-fired power plants on its shores.

This isn't the total "coal toll" by a long shot. Much of its output goes towards the refining and smelting of metals (notably steel) and into firing cement kilns, where their contributions to GGE are highly significant.

Mining coal releases exiguous amounts of methane – 23 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2, and the prime cause of underground explosions that kill thousands of workers each year.

The burning of coal is also more egregious to human health than has been generally recognised. Turning coal into liquid fuel (CTL), to serve the growing transportation sector, releases 40 percent more carbon dioxide than oil when burned, according to one scientific report.

Is coal for turning?

This is not to say we can or should ban dependence on coal overnight.

Mines and Communities is acutely aware of the misery that such a precipitate decision would bring to millions. A "just transition" to alternative fuels will take time, but this makes it all the more urgent to embark on such a course right now.

We also need to develop a realistic picture of how many people and species are likely to be uprooted, thanks to exacerbated global warming; and how much of such involuntary eviction can be ascribed specifically to coal and other mining.  

Arguably, there are ways to exploit this carbon resource, which may lay claim to being "clean" and without requiring it be dug up.

In the long run, however, every proposal bulwarking the case for mining further coal, is flawed.

The big three C’s –  carbon emission credits, carbon cap and trade, carbon capture and storage – depend on untested science, dubious economics and flagrantly self-serving market manipulation for their success.  Add to this, strong evidence that there can actually never be "clean coal".

The "hoaxes" involved in trading carbon emissions permits are now being exposed. But these schemes still underpin the European Union's initiative to combat global warming.

And they comprise what passes as a climate "policy" by other states, including the US and Australia - the world's biggest per capita carbon culprit.

Meanwhile, as insurance agencies warn they may not be able to cope with claims following climate-related disasters, the World Bank sets its own cap at financing projects which risk compounding these very events.

The longer we fail to keep coal forever in the ground, the dimmer will become any prospect of saving our planet.

Climate Change

Climate Change

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2013-03-19 India: coal-fired power "kills up to 115,000 citizens" a year
2013-03-19 London Calling on a lesson from "Frankenstein"
2013-03-11 Coal wars heat up in Poland, EU, China and New York
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2013-02-25 Arctic must be saved from "resource rush", says UNEP
2013-02-25 Coal's hidden costs make solar a bargain
2013-02-11 Smog worsens as China flags peak in coal usage
2013-01-28 Greenpeace report: Coal projects' threat to the climate
2013-01-21 Arctic oil extraction frozen, but mining to bring a melting $100 billion in investments
2013-01-21 Phulbari villagers detain suspected agents of GCM Resources
2013-01-14 India Tribal affairs minister against diluting Forest Peoples' Rights
2013-01-07 India - Relaxation in green norms "to boost Coal India output"
2013-01-07 Are we all going to climate hell in a handcart?
2012-12-27 GCM hit by protests over Bangladesh coal mine
2012-12-27 Coal Consumption Booms Amid Rising Climate Concerns
2012-12-27 China: Study on premature deaths reveals health impact of PM2.5
2012-12-17 World Bank's tough talk on climate is 'just a mirage' in Mongolia's Gobi desert
2012-12-04 Protesters disrupt Australian BHP annual meeting
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2012-10-02 Coal fight looms, Keystone-like, over U.S. Northwest
2012-09-24 Polish ministries clash over the "green" and the black
2012-09-18 Rio Tinto plays 'godfather' in Aotearoa-New Zealand
2012-09-12 Australian polluters to save A$2.5 billion in CO2 costs
2012-09-04 London Calling gets the wind up, as copper receives "green" boost
2012-09-04 Enough! The Ka Nui Conference Declaration
2012-08-28 US court strikes down EPA rule on coal pollution
2012-08-28 China to spend $372 billion on cutting energy use, pollution
2012-08-06 India's big power blackout: Why coal hasn't been a savior
2012-08-06 USA: CO2 emissions are falling
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2012-07-03 US: Further legislation will curb dependence on coal
2012-06-26 Does Rio mark an End to the "Sustainability" Road?
2012-06-19 Sierra Club India: Tata Mundra Breaks Coal's 'Contract'
2012-06-19 China's greenhouse emissions may be greater than previously thought
2012-06-12 Australia halts approval for massive $10 bn coal project
2012-06-12 Climate change threatens coal and nuclear-fired electricity
2012-06-05 USA: The biggest climate victory you never heard of
2012-06-05 Out of the Woods: can Australia overcome fatal carbon flaws?
2012-06-05 Eskom coal plants might be at risk
2012-05-29 Don't Bank on Coal, demand European NGOs
2012-05-29 African civil society condemns forthcoming Summit's false agenda
2012-05-22 Indigenous Peoples speak out at UN Permanent Forum
2012-05-08 US banks risk public health and climate by financing coal
2012-05-01 How Oregon can generate a low-carbon future by going coal-free
2012-04-02 USA proposes carbon pollution standard for future power plants
2012-04-02 CARBON in CONFLICT
2012-03-27 Australia's mineral resource rent tax passes into law
2012-03-27 Andean statement: To defend water is to defend life
2012-02-20 Bangladesh rushes head-long into coal
2012-02-07 Is China's carbon tax proposal merely "political theatre"?
2012-01-31 Fossil fuels are sub-prime assets, Bank of England governor is warned
2012-01-31 Australian farmers face a "future sold off for ever"
2012-01-10 Philippines: Another natural disaster reignites the mining debate
2011-12-27 Is Europe's carbon trading scheme merely hot air?
2011-12-27 US sets out to curb toxic emissions from burning coal
2011-12-12 Coal: And now for the good news!
2011-12-05 Who needs coal? Who needs nuclear?
2011-12-05 South Africa: World Bank-backed coal project roundly criticised
2011-11-30 China claims "world's biggest carbon emissions cut"
2011-11-30 Australia Passes Landmark Carbon Price Laws
2011-11-30 New reports question World Bank's coal investments
2011-11-30 Will flagship carbon capture project get blown out of the air?
2011-11-30 Mining companies hold back progress on climate change
2011-11-30 US policy isn't changing on the climate crisis
2011-11-14 Canada - Harper's Bazaar
2011-11-08 Swings and Roundabouts at US Environmental Agency
2011-10-25 Australian coal blasting stopped until risk 'acceptable'
2011-10-18 A taxing debate reaches its climax down-under
2011-10-18 US citizens face biggest health threat for years, after Republican backlash
2011-10-10 China's energy-saving campaign saves 150 mln tons of coal
2011-09-26 Australia's "clean power" myth
2011-09-19 Australian PM Introduces Controversial Carbon Laws
2011-09-12 Australia's carbon tax debate ignites
2011-09-12 Tibetan plateau threatened by "ecological destruction"
2011-09-06 Mining the Arctic - a massive con?
2011-09-06 Environmentalists Call on Shareholders to Stop Australian Mega Coal Mine
2011-08-30 Australia Passes CO2 Offset Laws, Carbon Pricing Next
2011-08-23 Chile approves controversial coal mine in Patagonia
2011-08-23 Australians ignite around Coal and Food
2011-08-08 Indonesians demand "Climate Justice"
2011-08-08 Nuclear: too hot to handle
2011-08-01 Another report says Barrick Gold damaged glaciers in Pascua Lama-Veladero
2011-07-25 Despite widespread opposition, Chile's Isla Riesco coal project moves forward
2011-07-25 Fighting the minerals-petroleum-coal complex's wealth and woes
2011-07-25 WTO Row Spotlights Nations Clamping Down On Resources
2011-07-25 US spending cuts threaten a raft of vital environmental measure
2011-07-18 Australian carbon tax treatment is unfair, claim coal miners
2011-07-04 Corruption alleged at the heart of Kansas government
2011-07-04 ICEM Condemns Tactics in Australia Coal Talks
2011-06-20 Who stitched up Australia's "ground breaking" minerals tax?
2011-06-07 Climate Change is driven by Coal - IAE
2011-06-07 Oz opposition leader goes nuts over carbon tax proposal
2011-05-24 Indonesia Finally Signs Forest Clearing Moratorium
2011-05-24 Renting Bangladesh Asunder?
2011-05-17 Is US coal set to flow abroad?
2011-05-10 Xstrata in court over coal carbon emissions
2011-05-10 Is US coal coming under control?
2011-04-18 Cambodia cancels controversial mine project
2011-04-12 Australian floods were worse than estimated
2011-03-22 EPA Requires U.S. Power Plants Cut Toxic Emissions
2011-03-14 Uranium Meltdown in Japan
2011-03-08 China Minister Warns Pollution, Waste, Imperil Growth
2011-03-08 "Acts of god" don't excuse mining companies profiting from disaster
2011-03-01 Brazil: is iron/steel recycling on the rebound?
2011-03-01 Greenpeace target Pascua Lama in Argentina
2011-02-21 Menacing Miners
2011-02-21 What happened at the 2011 World Social Forum?
2011-02-21 The deadly costs of continuing to rely on coal
2011-02-07 A minor triumph for common sense
2011-02-07 Barrick turns glaciers to dust in Chile
2011-01-17 A Cop out in the Coal
2011-01-17 It's not just hot air, as Bjrk takes on Beaty
2011-01-10 When Solar pits "Greens" against green
2011-01-10 As storm clouds break, London Calling gets biblical
2010-12-21 What didn't happen at Cancun?
2010-12-21 Hansen finds US presents greatest wall to halting global warming
2010-12-13 Ottawa quietly opens protected Arctic wilderness to proposed mining
2010-12-13 UK Bangladeshi citizens picket London miner's AGM
2010-12-06 Indigenous Peoples in Latin America Unite Against Mining
2010-12-06 Pole-axed: Massive threats posed to the Arctic and Antarctica
2010-11-29 Filipinos present a house resolution for coal-power moratorium
2010-11-29 In the US new and existing coal plants will run for years
2010-11-29 Cancun: the science is damning, but will politicians act?
2010-11-16 China "leads the world" on clean energy policy
2010-11-16 Fear Darkens Czech Uranium Mining Town
2010-11-16 Indonesia: Activists Warn Rising Permits on Mining in Forests
2010-11-08 Coal and climate change
2010-11-08 Argentinian judge grants glacier law exemptions for Pascua Lama
2010-11-01 China's environmental policy hits coking coal supply
2010-10-10 Asia, Europe groups condemn EU raw materials policy
2010-10-04 Green Outcry As EU Blesses Spanish Support Of Coal
2010-10-04 "No Coal!" - protests from the ocean to the White House
2010-09-20 Garnaut behind controversial PNG mines
2010-09-14 Chinese company says it's saving coal by recycling copper scrap
2010-09-05 US: Coal mining the mountains has investors rattled
2010-08-30 Dark Materials: the consequences of clinging to coal
2010-08-30 Reducing coal use - through the back door
2010-08-30 US environment agency defends its stance against coal
2010-08-30 India's massive coal power scheme upsets the UN
2010-08-30 Chinese scientist sceptical about carbon capture
2010-08-22 Miners Dynamite Glacier in Bolivia Looking for Gold
2010-08-16 Are $14bn worth of Indonesian mining projects at risk?
2010-07-24 Cambodia: Villagers protest mine plan
2010-07-24 London Calling resumes its attack on the "capitalising" of Nature
2010-07-17 South African coal-fired plant bids for "clean development" grants
2010-07-04 Steel producers to enforce scrap price cut - Brazil
2010-07-04 European Union is considering 12 more years of state aid for coal
2010-05-29 Two statements to UN CSD on Indigenous Peoples & uranium
2010-05-07 Colorado Enacts Law Replacing Coal Power with Cleaner Energy
2010-05-07 Mining protests overshadow climate summit
2010-04-18 Righting the wrongs of Copenhagen's "fraud"
2010-04-08 "Below 2C" Opens New Rift In U.N. Climate Battle
2010-03-31 Black and White Unite against Dirty SA coal
2010-03-31 Mongolian coalition calls for immediate suspension of massive new project
2010-03-31 Borneo bears the brunt of "Deadly Coal"
2010-03-10 Global Climate Battle Plays Out In World Bank
2010-03-10 The Dirty Truth Behind Clean Coal
2010-03-05 Obama's uranium power plan will set US back thirty years
2010-03-02 Climate Change's Secret Finance Weapon
2010-03-02 Groups ID Toxic Coal Ash Sites in 14 States, Demand Regulations
2010-03-02 EPA May Soften Greenhouse Gas Permit Requirement
2010-02-23 Norway plans major domestic "cleanups" - but still maintains investments in coal
2010-02-23 Bangladesh calls for more assistance to reduce climate impacts
2010-02-23 British Columbia Bans Mining, Drilling in Flathead River Valley
2010-02-15 USA: The Duke strides out in Obama's support
2010-02-15 Indonesia: Banning on one hand, permitting on the other
2010-02-07 Climate change debate must radically shift, says campaigner
2010-02-07 Bangladesh: Asia Energy makes new proposal for open-pit coal mining
2010-02-07 Guyana's miners launch protest against Norwegian forest deal
2010-02-07 London Calling picks the links between a UK war criminal ...
2010-02-07 Rio Tinto, Kaiser Aluminum, try greening Wales
2010-01-19 Pacific Islanders Bid To Stop Czech Coal Plant
2010-01-19 Government Study: Pascua Lama Threatens Glaciers
2010-01-19 Scientists decry impacts of mountaintop coal mining
2010-01-11 Guyana to increase oversight of gold mining under deal to save forests with Norway
2009-12-22 Copenhagen Accord: A Bad Deal Waiting to Happen
2009-12-22 Clean Coal? It's an illusion!
2009-12-22 Two degrees too many
2009-12-08 From Mining to Markets: the making of a mega-disaster?
2009-12-06 Hansen's pipe dream - or cold realism?
2009-12-06 Capital Markets Gear Up For Climate Change
2009-12-06 UK: NGO caucus warns of World Bank creep on climate change negotations
2009-12-05 Coal Pollution Undermines America's Health, Physicians Advise
2009-12-05 Insurers warn about global warming: "We may not be able to cope"
2009-12-05 Coal is burning up the world, say UK scientists
2009-11-23 Promised US curbs on destructive coal mining are greeted with some scepticism
2009-11-23 Norway's Pension Fund Pulls Investment in Norilsk Nickel
2009-11-16 Ghana: Government urged to ban surface mining
2009-11-09 Vedanta's top dog is biting on coal
2009-11-09 Conservationists Petition EPA to Block Washington Coal Plant Permit
2009-11-09 China's carbon capture project raises many doubts
2009-11-09 Obama Promises Tribal Leaders Help With Environmental Issues
2009-11-09 Mindoro execs threaten to sue Atienza over patently illegal mining clearance
2009-11-02 Worlds largest mining company challenged at AGM
2009-11-02 Locals fight 'monster' Tampakan project
2009-11-02 US: EPA Must Limit Power Plant Air Toxics By November 2011
2009-11-02 New Zealand: Rio Tinto scores a double whammy
2009-11-02 EU Metal companies play the carbon permit game
2009-10-13 Turning E.ON Off!
2009-09-22 Banking on "clean energy" in South Africa?
2009-09-22 Peru: Mining aggravates water worries
2009-09-01 Miners take up the carbon challenge - but only for themselves
2009-09-01 Stealing Vedanta's limelight: a report of the 2009 AGM
2009-09-01 US Coal lobby shows another ugly face
2009-08-25 London Calling asks whether Rio Tinto will be lost (or saved?) at sea
2009-07-27 Navajos: recalling disaster, forging a green future
2009-06-16 Beating swords into ploughshares? Four US coal cases
2009-06-02 Why is China buying metals it doesn't need?
2009-05-27 World hunger: is potash the solution or part of the problem?
2009-05-18 Rio Tinto's "outrageous exercise in political blackmail"
2009-04-20 Rio Tinto attacked from all sides
2009-03-16 Coal is "greatest threat to life on our planet", claims leading scientist
2007-05-19 London Calling on a balmy (or is it barmy?) idea
2007-05-19 London Calling on a balmy (or is it barmy?) idea

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