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Police attack strikers against planned mine near Conococha Lake, Peru

Published by MAC on 2010-12-13
Source: Democratic Underground

"President Garcia's unrelenting quest to privatize every last sub-surface resource in Peru, no matter the cost, has yet again led to violence", according to Democratic Underground.

Last week, following a demonstration against a mining project which threatens Lake Cononcocha, police allegedly killed one protestor and severely wounded four others.


4 Seriously injured and 1 dead during strike against mine near Conococha Lake, Peru

Democratic Underground

7 December 2010

President Garcia's unrelenting quest to privatize every last sub-surface resource in Peru no matter the cost has yet again led to violence that as of yesterday (December 6th) has resulted in one person dead and four seriously injured. The violence stemmed from a government ordered police crack-down of a major protest near the Andean city of Huaraz, the capital of the Ancash department.

The 48 hour protest was called in November after it became apparent that Peru's Ministry of the Interior would proceed with plans to approve the mining concession of la Minera Chancadora Centauro, a gold mining project that many fear will either lead to the contamination or disappearance of Lake Conococha, the source of the Santa River which is the main water artery for the entire region.

According to local press accounts, the government did not conduct the necessary environmental impact study before authorizing the concession nor did the company receive the required 2/3 vote from the Assembly of Huambo Campesino community whose lands will be impacted by the mining project.

The project will also be developed inside the borders of the Huascaran national park which according to Peruvian law, is protected from mining development. Predictably, the propaganda campaign is already underway to connect the protesters with terrorists hell bent on stopping Peru's economic development.

Protest leaders are already calling for the protest to be extended to 72 hours. Many human rights activists in the region fear there will be more violence.

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