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Tiara residents suffer from mining contamination, Venezuela

Published by MAC on 2010-11-22
Source: El Universal, Diario la Region

"Something is sickening the people of Tiara and their crops".

That's what we reported on this website more than five years ago: Something is sickening the people of Tiara and their crops

In 2008, a study showed that Anglo American's Lomas de Nickel mine in Venezuela was responsible.

But still, no adequate medical care has been provided for residents, while basic social services, promised ten years ago, allegedly remain unmet.


Tiara residents suffer from mining contamination

By Andreina Gomez

El Universal

29 October 2010

Los Teques. A study of 40 people in 2008 showed that the health of residents of Tiara in the municipality of Guaicaipuro is affected by the presence of nickel in their blood. At that time representatives of the National Institute of Prevention, Health and Safety (Inpsasel) forced the mining company Lomas de Nickel to seek medical care for those affected.

Two years after these agreements, the health of Tiara residents is still in danger and the consequences of this contamination have already started to become visible through abrasions and other skin conditions in children and adults.

Additionally, the company that has been operating on those lands for over ten years, is in breach of the agreements made since 1999 which were the result of the environmental and urban demands of the 32 surrounding communities.

In addition to the health issue, the bad condition of roads, due to deterioration, triggered a protest by the people of La Esperanza, and La Boca de Cagua Mata for three days last week, resulting in the blocking of the access to the mine.

Protest at minera Lomas de Níquel

By Daniel Murolo

Diaro la Region

21 October 2010

More than 500 people protest day and night to demand that the mining company comply with the agreements relating to roads and electricity.

LOS TEQUES. More than 500 people remain day and night in the protest which began early last Tuesday when residents of Tiara and Altagracia de la Montaña blocked the roads at 4 points to demand the mining company comply with the agreements made with the residents on the issues regarding roads and electricity.

The protesters explained that more than 10 years ago, the mining company obtained mining rights in which it is established that the company would exploit the land located between Aragua and Miranda but, in turn, would give the nearby towns basic services.

The protests are simultaneous at Km. 54 along the regional highway, in La Mata across Lomas de Niquel and in La Esperanza, aiming to block all access to the mine. Although Community Councils participating stated that the protest though radical was peaceful, the Police in Aragua used tear gas to raise the blockade located at La Esperanza.

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