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2017-01-10 Nigeria: Okobo, where coal mining is killing the people
2015-10-22 Transparency initiative debates way forward
2015-05-17 At least 28 Nigerian children killed by lead poisoning from gold mining
2015-03-19 Chatham House accused of cowing to extractive industry companies
2013-09-13 African Mining Vision criticised as detrimental to Africa
2013-05-28 Niger: Areva Mine Attacked, 13 Employees Wounded
2013-05-21 Many countries badly mismanage oil, mining resources
2012-11-01 Pollution "as big a health problem" as malaria,TB
2012-10-16 Africa's mineral wealth hardly denting poverty levels, says World Bank
2012-05-22 Aid group slams Nigeria for lead poisoning
2012-03-20 Will new UN initiative to recycle E-Wastes succeed?
2011-11-14 Another Remembrance Day - for Heroes of the Struggle Against Mining, Oil and Gas
2011-04-04 Chinese Overseas Investments, 2006-2010
2011-03-14 Deadly materials - the urgent need for control
2010-10-18 Children in Nigeria continue dying from lead poisoning
2010-07-17 The Dark Side of Colombian Gold
2010-06-19 Unprecedented lead poisoning strikes Nigerian villages
2009-07-27 Iron scrap seized in Basel brush
2009-03-16 Ending the Race to the Bottom
2009-03-03 UK TVs and computers may be killing African children
2008-02-28 Nigeria: police accused of murdering mining protestors
2008-02-22 Nigeria: FG approves new mining policy
2007-01-28 Africa's minerals trap
2007-01-21 Western Bankers And Lawyers 'rob Africa Of $150bn Every Year'
2006-09-21 ToxiCities
2006-09-21 Toxic shock: how Western rubbish is destroying Africa
2006-09-21 ToxiCities
2006-05-30 China Update
2006-05-30 China Update
2006-05-30 Japan, China Eye Energy Cooperation for Better Ties
2006-05-30 China, India, Brazil Could Slash Energy Use - Report
2006-03-08 Black power shakes up South Africa
2006-03-05 quot;Enough is enough!" - cries from West Papua and Nigeria
2006-03-05 "Enough is enough!" - cries from West Papua and Nigeria
2006-03-01 Protesters Want Freeport's Indonesia Mine Closed
2006-02-27 Thirty nine years of Freeport-Rio Tinto is enough
2006-02-25 Shell told to pay Nigerians $1.5bn pollution damages
2005-10-24 High-Tech Toxic Trash Exported to Africa
2005-06-09 World Day Against Child Labour 2005: Digging for survival - The harsh reality of child mining worldw
2005-06-09 World Day Against Child Labour 2005
2005-06-07 Shattered youth
2005-02-15 Mineral Resource Capture and Conflicts in Africa
2005-02-15 Mineral Resource Capture and Conflicts in Africa
2004-05-15 Statement of the Africa Initiative on Mining, Environment and Society (AIMES)
2004-04-27 Helping Bush 'Bushwhack' Justice - holding corporations to account
2004-01-30 The Diverging Worlds of Human Rights and the Environment
2003-08-03 Access to courts for corporate accountability: recent developments
2003-01-15 Corporate accountability: why?
2001-05-01 'Globalization, Rights and Poverty' - speech by John Rumbiak

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