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Nevsun has 18 articles

2020-02-29 Canada's Supreme Court says Nevsun must face "slavery" charges
2019-01-06 Will the sun finally set on Canadian company accused of slavery?
2017-04-26 Macedonia: Gevgelija residents vote no to gold mining
2016-11-05 "Militarized neoliberalism" and the Canadian state in Latin America
2016-10-07 Canadian mining company on trial for slave labour in Eritrea
2016-07-13 Canada's Nevsun Resources: Enabler of Crimes Against Humanity in Eritrea
2015-11-08 Eritrea: Mining companies dig in despite evidence of human rights abuses
2015-06-17 UN Report Alleges Forced Labor at Canadian-Owned Mine in Eritrea
2015-01-18 British parliamentarians abhor human rights abuses in Eritrea
2014-11-23 Eritreans file lawsuit against Canadian mining company for slave labour
2013-01-21 Eritrea: Nevsun accused of turning blind eye to forced labour
2012-11-11 Canada's Nevsun challenged over alleged abuses in Eritrea
2012-04-24 Wikileaks expose Nevsun's Eritrean ploys
2012-02-28 Eritrea: Where did Nevsun's gold go?
2011-12-12 Is Canadian mining company defending the indefensible in Eritrea?
2011-03-28 Canadian companies are ignoring human rights issues overseas
2003-07-07 Call for solidarity with Polish village-protest against destructive mining plans
2003-07-07 Organizations Already Signed

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