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2016-01-04 Philippines: A year of mining dangerously
2015-10-31 Mining-related violence ignites protests in the Philippines
2015-09-19 Philippines - Miners accused of fuelling violence in Mindanao
2015-08-18 Philippines: Glencore finalises its Tampakan departure
2015-06-30 Philippines: Glencore quits the Tampakan Project
2015-05-09 Protestors call for end to Glencoreís mining abuses
2015-04-26 Philippines: Earth Day celebrations focus on mining woes
2015-03-23 Protestors mark the 20th anniversary of the Philippine Mining Act
2015-02-21 Philippines - New laws being debated against a background of lawlessness
2015-01-22 Philippines - Papal intervention sought over mining
2014-12-24 Philippines: The people of Mindanao speak out against mining
2014-11-18 Philippines - Remembering the victims of extra-judicial killings and typhoon Haiyan
2014-10-08 Philippines: A Deadly Difference of World View
2014-06-17 A taxing time for Philippines mining
2014-05-29 Philippines: Global action around Glencore's Tampakan Mine
2014-05-06 Philippines: Earth Day protests focus on mining
2014-04-21 Philippines: Congressional investigation of poor mining practice
2014-04-06 More mining-related murders in the Philippines
2014-03-19 Filipinos curse their 'Mining Hell'
2014-03-02 Philippines - Mining has the potential for disaster, but uncertainly looms large
2014-01-23 Philippines: B'laan leaders lobby against FPIC process at Tampakan
2013-12-11 Philippines - Human Rights Day remembers environmental martyrs
2013-12-08 Activists protest mining industry's harmful impact on women
2013-11-18 Philippines: Unnatural disasters
2013-10-28 Environmental, human rights and legal protests merge in Philippines mining
2013-10-03 Philippines: Realities of mining in Nueva Vizcaya laid bare
2013-09-15 Philippines: Mining conference met with protests
2013-08-30 Philippines - Mining rights violations on the increase again
2013-08-14 Philippines: Glencore Xstrata further delayed over Tampakan
2013-07-23 Philippines Closure notice served on OceanaGold
2013-07-09 Philippines: Once more to the barricades
2013-06-21 Philippines: Human rights project at Tampakan questions the project's future
2013-06-03 Philippines: New threats for anti-mining advocates
2013-04-28 Philippines: The Assault on the Mining Act Continues
2013-04-15 Philippines: Another legal challenge to the Philippine Mining Act
2013-04-01 Philippines: More questions, and a few answers
2013-03-19 Philippines: Government reopens the doors to mining amid protests
2013-03-05 Philippines: Payments to the military unveiled by Tampakan enquiry
2013-02-19 Philippines: one mine disaster after another
2013-02-04 Philippines: Another killing at Xstrata's Tamapakan mine
2013-01-21 Philippines: New year starts with a victory amid the violence
2012-12-27 Where now for Indigenous Peoples and the extractive industries?
2012-12-11 Philippines: yet more assassinations of anti-mining activists
2012-12-04 Philippines: Seeking the truth about killings of indigenous activists
2012-11-05 Philippines: Gold, Copper and Death
2012-10-23 Philippines: Tampakan violence claims the lives of tribal woman and her children
2012-10-08 Philippines Mining: Damning Conclusions
2012-09-18 New Philippine mining rules, but will anything change?
2012-08-28 Philippines: Indigenous advocate resigns over mining legislation
2012-08-13 Philippines: A flood of mining problems
2012-08-01 Philippines: Mining murders continue, no justice in sight
2012-07-17 Philippines: The President finally publishes, but arguments continue...
2012-07-03 Philippines: Executive disorder - the wait continues...
2012-06-19 Another blow for Xstrata's Tampakan project ...
2012-05-08 Philippines: Miners and military create refugees
2012-04-11 Philippines: Mining abuses continue with no promised changes in the law
2012-03-27 'Philippine Mining Act cannot be saved by executive order'
2012-03-14 Philippines: Anniversary knocked while President delays reforms
2012-02-28 Philippines: Indigenous peoples point the way on mining
2012-02-14 Struggles over mining law revision in the Philippines
2012-01-31 Philippines: 'Defending the Dignity of Life, Securing our Future'
2012-01-16 Philippines: No Local Government Consent, No Mining
2012-01-10 Philippines: Another natural disaster reignites the mining debate
2011-12-20 Philippines: 2011 - a hard year for mining
2011-11-30 Philippines: Potential new policies, but same old stories
2011-11-14 Philippines: Where is the safety?
2011-10-25 More militarisation and murders in the Philippines
2011-10-05 Philippines: Details of the Tampakan project challenged
2011-09-19 Protests at Philippine mining conference
2011-09-06 Philippines:"Mining for the people" is still some way off
2011-08-23 Philippines Indigenous Peoples celebrate ... but still some way to go
2011-08-01 General ignorance: more threats to Philippine indigenous peoples
2011-06-28 Tampakan project driven on, while brakes applied elsewhere in Philippines
2011-05-10 The aftermath of another mining disaster in the Philippines
2011-04-18 Philippine campaigners are not on Minister's page
2011-04-04 Indigenous Filipinos re-affirm call to repeal Mining Act
2011-03-14 Activists promote more alternative mining legislation in the Philippines
2011-02-14 Philippine mining falters in the face of civil society opposition
2010-12-27 More violence at Xstrata's Philippine project
2010-11-29 Filipinos present a house resolution for coal-power moratorium
2010-10-25 San Miguel buys into contentious Philippine mine
2010-10-25 President Aquino called to action on mining
2010-09-27 Justice to all human rights victims and anti-mining martyrs!
2010-09-20 Tampakan mine criticised in Philippines
2010-07-04 South Cotabato governor signs ban on open-pit mining, Philippines
2010-06-19 Philippine province bans open-pit mining
2010-05-01 Protests mark Earth Day commemoration in Mindanao
2010-04-18 Environmental Award for Philippine President a travesty
2010-02-23 Church attacks Tampakan mine owners for lack of transparency after school burning
2009-11-02 Locals fight 'monster' Tampakan project
2009-07-27 Aussie and Filipino Activists Say No to Open Pit Mining
2009-06-02 Philippine womens' party condemns killing of activists
2009-05-18 Philippines "alternative mining" legislation proposed
2009-02-10 Philippines: Protecting the mines
2008-10-21 Philippines' mine "protection" may move up a dangerous notch
2008-07-14 Philippines Environmental Group decries conflict sown by foreign mining companies in Indigenous Communities
2008-02-20 Philippines update
2008-02-09 Philippines update
2008-01-31 Philippines update
2008-01-11 More military troops won't solve mining woes in Tampakan
2008-01-04 Xstrata under attack in the Philippines
2007-12-07 Philippines Update
2007-10-10 Philippines update
2007-09-27 Philippines update
2007-05-09 Philippines update
2007-05-09 APC Mining files for exploration permit in Palawan
2007-05-09 Pastoral letter to voters issued by 7 prelates
2007-05-09 Philippines update
2007-05-09 Rusina solidifies DMCI partnership for Acoje project
2007-05-08 Pastoral Statement on 2007 Election and Environment Agenda
2007-05-07 Boxxer Acquires Option to Purchase 65% of Philippines Gold Project
2007-05-07 Indophil looks for more mines after Xstrata sale
2007-05-07 Subanon Accuse TVI of "Lying Again"
2007-05-02 Jinchuan ups $1-B offer for Philnico
2007-03-25 Philippines update
2007-02-28 Philippines update
2007-02-28 Philippines Update
2007-02-09 Philippines Update
2007-02-09 Philippines update
2007-01-31 Mining Pros And Cons
2007-01-29 Church Still Oppose To Mining Firm Overtures
2007-01-23 South Cot Diocese: Still No To Mining
2007-01-18 Interview - Mining Sector Sees Stronger Year Ahead On Brisk Investments
2007-01-12 London Calling follows the cash
2006-11-19 Philippines Update
2006-11-13 Catholic-backed Lobby Says Philippines Mine "will Turn Mountain Upside Down"
2006-11-11 Philippines Update
2006-11-07 Open Pit Method Best For Tampakan, Say Mining Officials
2006-11-02 Philippines Update
2006-10-22 Philippines Update
2006-10-22 Philippines Update
2006-04-28 Philippines Update
2006-04-28 Philippines Update
2006-04-27 TVI mining firm denies Subanens' accusations
2006-04-26 Mindanaoans band to oppose large-scale mining
2006-04-24 Mining Act's Constitutionality to Deprive RP of Economic Gains - SC Urged to Reverse Ruling on R.A.
2006-04-24 Tribesmen ask MGB to cancel mining permit
2006-04-22 Church worried over increasing militarization of SK town
2006-04-15 Mindanao Convergence Of Advocates for an Alternative Mining Policy
2006-03-30 Philippines Update
2006-03-23 Xstrata Takes Another Step Towards Tampakan
2006-03-23 Australia's Lafayette Unveils A$42m Funding, New Md
2006-03-15 Government Moves To Boost Mining Industry
2006-01-20 Defend our Land and Patrimony! Defend our Future! - An Interfaith Statement of the Peoples of Mindan
2006-01-20 Defend our Land and Patrimony! Defend our Future! - An Interfaith Statement of the Peoples of Mindan
2006-01-20 Philippine Update
2006-01-19 Mindanao Lumads Defend Ancestral Land vs Large-scale Mining
2006-01-15 Catholic bishops, churches back Lumads and Moro groups in anti-mining summit in Dipolog
2005-03-02 STARM Raises The Alarm on Entry of Foreign Partner Into Lepanto Mines
2005-01-15 1] Lepanto A Shares Are Limited To Local Investors While Lepanto B Shares May Be Bought By Foreign
2004-12-08 The Supreme Court Reversal On La Bugal - A Bigger Storm Brewing Network
2004-12-04 Analayis - High Court Is Courting Disaster
2004-12-03 The Battle Is Far From Over
2004-12-03 Plea from PNG to Gathering of Mining Investors in Sydney
2004-12-02 Philippine Court Allows Foreign Control Of Mines - Supreme Court Decision Opens Door To $5.8 Billion
2004-12-02 Promotion Of Church People's Response (pcpr) Press Statement
2004-02-11 Is it the mandate of the DENR to act as the agent of the mining companies?
2004-02-02 Supreme Court decision on RA 7942 spoils Arroyo's environmental record
2004-02-02 DENR Act Now! Implement the Supreme Court Decision!
2004-02-01 Vizcaya council shuts door to mining
2004-02-01 Drilling through the Mantle of Large-Scale Mining - The Supreme Court Ruling in La Bugal Case
2004-02-01 The following are a mixture of press releases and articles on the recent developments in the Philipp
2004-02-01 Philippines High Court rules vs. full foreign ownership of mining operations
2004-01-30 Lafayette says unaffected by Philippines ruling
2004-01-30 Business as usual says Indophil
2004-01-30 High Court rules vs. full foreign ownership of mining operations
2001-05-01 Mine probers find heavy metals in villagers' bodies
2001-05-01 Timeline Of Significant Events

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