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2020-04-24 Indonesia: On the brink of a coal boom, Papuans ask who will benefit
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2014-10-29 UK MPs back campaigners' call for action on 'unethical' mining industry
2014-06-09 The chequered history of an unlikely anti-coal "hero"
2014-04-01 A Call to ARMS: The dumb and the dumber at Bumi
2014-03-08 LMN tells Parliamentary Committee to tighten regulation on mining companies
2013-11-22 Bumi plc delays the vote on split with Bakries
2013-11-07 British regulator seeks to protect mining's minority shareholders
2013-10-03 Stop the coal boom destroying Borneo rainforests - groups
2013-06-28 "Leave us and leave our land" - indigenous community tells Bumi
2013-06-18 No meeting of minds at the 2013 Antofagasta AGM
2013-06-17 Mining Firms Face New Regulator Scrutiny Amid Deal Probes
2013-05-28 UK lawmakers consider probe into transparency of mining firms
2013-02-26 The Bumi scandal reaches break-up point
2013-01-14 Will 2013 see the new 'brooming' of dubious mining investment?
2012-11-25 Shaping modern mining: what's at stake?
2012-11-25 Long-knives drawn in battle over Bumi
2012-10-02 Bumi Burns Hole in London's Reputation
2012-10-02 From Burke to Bumi - a UK-Indonesian scandal
2012-06-19 The Indonesian mining scandal at the heart of UK capital
2012-04-18 Indonesian mine workers bludgeoned by state security forces
2012-04-11 Indonesia tries keeping its minerals at home
2012-03-14 Indonesia says foreign miners must grant 51% ownership to domestic companies
2011-08-23 ARMZ and the Man - Tanzanians against uranium
2011-08-23 Indonesia cracks down on "illegal" small-scale miners

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