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2021-06-05 Costa Rica wins arbitration case over Infinito Gold
2021-05-24 Is Colombia's military displacing peasants in order to sell off natural resources?
2021-05-14 Kyrgyzstan: Court hands $3.1 billion fine to Kumtor Gold
2021-04-23 Alamos Gold demands one billion dollars from Turkey
2021-04-12 Chile's Codelco to pursue in Paris what it could not get in Ecuador
2021-04-01 China-Australia dispute over Congo iron ore escalates
2021-03-15 First Majestic Corp. against the Government of Mexico
2020-11-20 Lupaka Gold goes arbitration mode against Peru
2020-07-01 Guinea: the battle for Simandou renews
2019-09-19 Armenia: "Our water is our gold"
2019-08-16 Zambia confirms Vedanta's expulsion
2019-08-02 Vedanta launches South Africa arbitration
2019-06-29 The Weekend Essay: Behind Zambia's divorce from Vedanta
2019-02-04 Guatemala under fire from international organisations
2018-06-15 Congo's miners face harsh new reality as mining law finalized
2018-01-29 Indian fisherfolk and farmers appeal to US Supreme Court
2017-04-14 Controversial gold mining company sues Colombia
2017-03-31 El Salvador: Legislative Assembly bans all metal mining
2017-02-25 El Salvador: OceanaGold Must Pay and Pack Up
2017-02-08 Colombia's resistance to Canadian mining
2016-08-24 Venezuela ordered to pay US$1.2 billion to Rusoro Mining
2016-07-21 Peru Wins Arbitration Dispute Over Doe Run Cleanup
2016-06-26 Why Mining Corporations Love Trade Deals
2016-06-10 OceanaGold not welcome in El Salvador and the Philippines
2016-05-24 IACHR urges Peru to protect the people affected by pollution in La Oroya
2016-05-18 Centerra Shirks Blame for Glacier Damage in Kyrgyzstan
2016-05-07 AngloGold files Obuasi dispute with Ghana
2016-04-25 Latin American organisations call for Canadian mining accountability
2016-04-14 Colombia and Panama hit with arbitration claims
2016-04-05 The multiple risks of mining in Bolivar State, Venezuela
2016-03-25 OceanaGold and the El Dorado Foundation in El Salvador
2016-01-05 Newmont Escaped Indonesian Law via Investment Treaty
2015-08-09 Gabriel Resources sues Romania for $2.5 billion damages
2015-08-03 'Our Resistance, Our Hope' - International People's Mining Conference
2015-06-22 Canadian mining company uses UK subsidiary to sue Kenya
2015-06-09 Indonesia in talks with Churchill Mining to solve coal dispute
2015-05-19 Protests in Canada over mining company suing El Salvador for $301 million?
2014-08-27 Jindal Steel wins $22.5m verdict on Bolivia project
2014-06-24 South African mineworkers end strike, but bleak outlook remains
2014-04-11 El Salvador groups accuse Pacific Rim of 'assault on democratic governance'
2014-02-21 Nautilus ends deal with PNG govt
2014-02-14 Infinito Gold finally files lawsuit against Costa Rican government
2013-10-08 Canada's Infinito Gold is suing Costa Rica for more than $1 billion
2013-05-13 South American Silver files proceedings against Bolivia government
2013-04-09 Canadian companies threaten El Salvador and Costa Rica
2013-01-14 Pakistan voids gold, copper lease held by Barrick consortium
2012-12-11 Chile's Endesa Game - controversial coal power plant approved
2012-09-12 South Africa's gold sector goes from one crisis to another
2012-07-24 Jindal quits Bolivia, intends pursuing international arbitration
2012-06-12 Mining company allowed to continue its attack on El Salvador
2012-04-18 Churchill seeks $2bn from Indonesia over coal dispute
2012-03-27 Pollution the big barrier to freer trade in rare earths
2012-03-06 In Peru, one of the world's worst polluters is set to reopen
2012-03-06 Gold war in Pakistan highlights investment risks
2012-02-20 U.S. judge orders Vedanta to pay $82.75m in damages
2011-12-27 Doe Run Perú's future looking gloomy, lawyer says
2011-12-27 El Salvador: International organisations urge World Bank to dismiss Pacific Rim lawsuit
2011-12-05 Pakistan: Tethyan won't take "no" for an answer
2011-12-05 Costa Rica: Court annuls Crucitas mining concession, dismisses appeals
2011-11-30 Costa Rica: Judge Leaked Draft Decision on Crucitas gold mine
2011-10-10 Spoiling over Mongolia's hoards
2011-09-12 Royalty and rights issues in Latin America
2011-07-25 WTO Row Spotlights Nations Clamping Down On Resources
2011-07-11 Facing up to challenges of Africa's extractive sectors
2011-07-04 Peru's president-elect vows consultation in bid to end mining conflicts
2011-06-28 Puno mining protest: 6 killed in clashes, Peru
2011-06-07 Comibol, APM reach settlement over Karachipampa - Bolivia
2011-04-27 Renco files for arbitration against Peru over Andean smelter
2011-04-18 El Salvador: Leader of resistance to Canadian mine receives Goldman Prize
2011-03-28 Court Dismisses U.S. Miner's Claims Against El Salvador
2011-02-21 Crystallex seeks 3.8 billion compensation from Venezuela
2011-01-25 Doe Run's Latest Move
2011-01-25 Call Today to Tell Commerce Group to Stop Suing El Salvador!
2010-12-27 Colombian state ombudsman opposes Angostura gold project
2010-11-29 Peru protest against Tia Maria continues
2010-11-29 Bolivia says it will stand up to threat of arbitration over stalled metals plant
2010-11-29 Costa Rican court shuts down Canadian gold mine
2010-08-16 PacRim wins first stage of compensation battle against El Salvador
2009-09-14 Asarco bidding battle enters final strait

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