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2016-05-27 Burmese good intentions aren't matched by deeds
2016-05-09 Burma: no sign of end to resource curses
2014-12-26 Burma: Mine protests lead to another killing at Letpadaung
2014-10-08 Burma: Student Activist Falsely Accused in Letpadaung Kidnapping
2014-09-21 Indigenous Peoples and the Extractive Sector: Towards a Respecting Engagement
2014-08-06 Burma: Letpadaung farmers clash with police over grazing rights
2014-05-27 Burma: Legal protests and kidnappings in mining struggles
2014-04-17 Burma's mining is far from conflict-free - on the contrary
2014-02-07 Burma: Mining threats continue
2013-10-15 Burma: Mining brewing more trouble for Arakan State?
2013-09-16 Burma: no let-up of copper mining agitation
2013-09-01 Burma: Activist jailed 2 years for Letpadaung protest
2013-08-14 Burma: Crackdown on Letpadaung protestors continues
2013-07-23 Burma's extractive industries still need reform - reports
2013-05-28 Chinese officials "walk the talk" at home and abroad
2013-05-07 Burma: more strife around Letpadaung copper mine
2013-04-22 Burma Lawyers' report on Letpadaung released
2013-04-09 Burma's copper cauldron continues to boil
2013-04-01 Burma: Protests against Letpadaung copper project resume
2013-03-25 Burma: the "Win and the Wang" of the Letpadaung copper conflict
2013-03-19 Burma: Suu Kyi tells communities to halt copper mining protests
2013-02-19 Burmese government rejects independent report on copper protests
2013-02-04 Continued controversy around Burmese mining
2013-01-07 Burma: More arrests as the old regime betrays its democratic mandate
2012-12-17 Burma: Further arrests, as mining protests continue
2012-12-11 Aung San Suu Kyi commission to "study" Letpadaung copper crisis
2012-12-04 Burmese forces viciously assault mining protestors
2012-11-05 Burmese mining protests escalate - and so do land grabs
2012-10-23 Burmese villagers win hearing against copper mine
2012-09-18 Burmese villagers continue protests against copper mining
2012-09-12 Burma police storm villagers protesting against mine
2012-08-28 Burma copper mine land-grab protests increase
2010-08-30 Cooking up an Asian coal storm

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