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2021-05-27 The impacts of illegal mining for women in Brazil
2021-03-25 12th Alternative Mining Indaba Declaration: We refuse to be muted!
2020-07-03 Burma: At least 178 mineworkers die in jade disaster
2020-05-31 The early June Essay: Mass assaults strike Ethiopian communities
2020-02-01 Ghana: AngloGold seeks to resuscitate Obuasi mine
2019-10-24 150-plus workers buried alive in gold mine collapse
2019-10-20 Russian dam collapse kills at least 15 miners
2019-07-23 DR Congo sends troops to intimidate and remove small miners
2019-05-02 Burma's fatally-jaded mines
2019-02-27 Zimbabwe: Corporate culpability and machete attacks
2019-02-17 Zimbabwe disaster: local NGO admonishes government
2019-02-16 Liberia: Gbanepea Gold Mine 'An Environmental Death Trap'
2019-02-15 Zimbabwe mining disaster:50 feared death
2019-01-12 Meghalaya coal disaster: when men are treated like "rats"
2019-01-11 Barrick Gold's invidious merger with Randgold
2019-01-10 Investigating DR Congo's Illegal Gold Trade
2019-01-09 Attempting to justify the Meghalaya mine disaster
2018-12-29 India:Fifteen miners trapped by flood waters, likely dead
2018-12-02 Women in small-island states exposed to high levels of mercury: study
2018-10-16 Illegal mining leaves toxic wastelands in Indonesia
2018-09-24 Philippines: Miners lose their lives in typhoon landslide
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-06-30 Brazil: Government Crackdown on Illegal Amazon Gold Mining Could Backfire
2018-04-22 "Our territory is our life": one struggle against mining in Ecuador
2018-01-30 Small scale mining merits large scale examination
2017-09-20 Zambian small-scale miners plead for right to access waste dumps
2017-03-03 Sand mining: a global environmental crisis
2017-02-10 Philippines: Environment Secretary orders closure of 23 mines
2016-12-31 Philippines: New policies but will they be implemented?
2016-09-28 Salt Mining in Senegal - "in the pink"?
2016-09-23 Colombia: Segovia and Remedios shut down amid dispute with Canadian miner
2016-09-03 Philippines: President notes "Mining - My way or the environmental highway"
2016-08-29 Miners strike turns deadly in Bolivia
2016-08-23 California High Court upholds ban on gold dredges
2016-07-08 Illegal gold trade in DRC still benefiting armed groups, foreign companies
2016-06-26 Ghana: 9 dead in 3 weeks on AngloGold concessions
2016-04-13 Organized crime and illegally mined gold in Latin America
2016-04-08 Ghana's gold artisanal miners get "historic" deal
2016-04-04 Philippines - "We would rather die fighting"
2016-03-31 USA: Mine "fever" may be on the rise, but so is peoples' resistance
2016-03-07 Philippines - Acting on mining at election time
2016-02-19 Mining impacts on indigenous peoples and health in Colombia
2016-02-12 Africa's Seventh Alternative Mining Indaba
2016-02-10 Ghana - AngloGold Says Troops Need to Protect Mine After Attack
2016-02-06 Philippines: Murderous mining
2015-10-31 Mining-related violence ignites protests in the Philippines
2015-08-18 Philippines: Glencore finalises its Tampakan departure
2015-08-02 Peruvian Police Destroy Entire Town of 'Illegal' Miners
2015-07-08 Statement from Zambian Alternative Mining Indaba
2015-06-30 Philippines: Glencore quits the Tampakan Project
2015-06-13 Ghana urged to end child labour in gold mines
2015-05-26 Philippines: Indigenous activist 'disappears' in the company of mining guards
2015-04-26 Philippines: Earth Day celebrations focus on mining woes
2015-03-13 Blood Gold Flows Illegally From Central African Republic
2015-02-28 Mining's "great and good" tout their African wares
2015-02-07 Burma's war over jade - is there a Chinese link?
2014-09-11 Call for a Customised programme for Small Scale Mining in Ghana
2014-07-28 Philippines: State of the nation's mining questioned
2014-07-01 Philippines: more 'cold war' conflict over mining
2014-05-29 Philippines: Global action around Glencore's Tampakan Mine
2013-12-11 PNG: Deadly clashes at Barrick Gold's Porgera Mine
2013-10-29 Damage to Peruvian Amazon from gold mining worse than reported
2013-10-07 Conference for adoption of Minamata Convention on Mercury
2013-07-23 Philippines Closure notice served on OceanaGold
2013-06-06 Tanzanian Farmers Displaced By Mining Live Like Refugees
2013-06-03 Philippines: New threats for anti-mining advocates
2013-04-01 Peru: mercury poisoning, civil strife, and a polluting plant...
2013-03-25 Peruvian government's response to protests "disportionate" - IACHR
2013-03-11 Tanzania: Two Killed in Mine Invasion
2013-02-25 DR Congo mining comes under scrutiny
2013-02-19 Nicaragua: B2Gold hit by protests and blockade
2013-02-11 Conflict gold in Africa - from Mali to Darfur
2013-02-04 Guyana court ruling violates indigenous peoples' rights
2013-01-28 First UN Treaty on Mercury Control
2013-01-14 Mercury poisoning and the gold curse
2012-12-17 Colombia's conflict minerals: re-inventing the "terror wheel"?
2012-12-04 Death metal: tin mining in Indonesia
2012-11-05 Burmese mining protests escalate - and so do land grabs
2012-09-18 New Philippine mining rules, but will anything change?
2012-09-12 Divergent views of new US rules on DRC and "conflict minerals"
2012-09-04 Venezuela: Indigenous Yanonami "massacred" by illegal miners
2012-09-04 Tanzanian police shoot dead two civilians at conflict-torn gold mine
2012-08-28 Philippines: Indigenous advocate resigns over mining legislation
2012-07-03 Philippines: Executive disorder - the wait continues...
2012-05-22 Aid group slams Nigeria for lead poisoning
2012-04-24 Filipino priest rewarded for his work on mining
2012-04-24 Colombia: going for gold
2012-04-18 In Ghana, a mining activist fights the gold goliaths
2012-04-11 Sierra Leone's glittering prizes
2012-03-20 Peru: Three dead, many injured, as smallscale miners clash with police
2012-03-14 Mining protests in Madre de Dios region, Peru
2012-03-14 Colombia doesn't yet enjoy a "golden peace" - not by any means
2012-02-28 Philippines: Indigenous peoples point the way on mining
2012-02-07 Canadian company shuts down Paraguay gold operations
2012-01-31 Indonesia's Tin Men face bleak future in a free market world
2012-01-10 Philippines: Another natural disaster reignites the mining debate
2011-12-20 Mali's children "risk life and limb" in pursuit of gold
2011-09-26 Dear Big Coal: You're Not Above The Law
2011-09-19 Mining disaster returns to Wales
2011-08-30 Venezuela moves to nationalise gold industry
2011-08-23 Indonesia cracks down on "illegal" small-scale miners
2011-07-04 Women Fight Superstition, Machismo in Mining Cooperatives
2011-06-28 Cambodian Gold Rush Lures Foreign Giants
2011-06-28 Young Bolivians work for one of "world's most dangerous mines"
2011-06-20 Four die at African gold site
2011-05-24 Tanzania: Murders at North Mara
2011-05-24 Reclaiming childhood from the pits of Jharkhand
2011-04-18 Surging gold prices ignite Sudanese gold rush
2011-03-28 To tax - or not to tax?
2011-03-14 Relocated Chiadzwa villagers: a tale of false promises - Zimbabwe
2011-03-14 Deadly materials - the urgent need for control
2011-03-08 Military and gold miners clashed in Madre de Dios, Peru
2011-02-21 Statement from the AlterNATIVE Mining Indaba 2011
2011-02-21 Sulphur mining in an active volcano
2011-02-14 The Methodical Shooting Of Boys At Work In Gaza
2011-02-14 Social Movements Fight Mining (and protect the paramos!) in Colombia
2011-01-10 Chile: Partnerships between small miners not feasible, says sector president
2011-01-10 Confronting mercury poisoning in Colombia & Zimbabwe
2011-01-10 Shanghai Pushing Gold to $1,600 Thwarts Fight to Shut Mines
2010-12-27 Tanzania: Gold's Tragic Dividend
2010-11-16 Indonesia: Activists Warn Rising Permits on Mining in Forests
2010-11-08 Israel's bloody response to young men collecting gravel
2010-10-18 Dead:Four miners trapped in a collapsed Ecuador mine
2010-10-18 Children in Nigeria continue dying from lead poisoning
2010-10-18 Bolivia & Colombia deploy troops to curb illegal gold mining
2010-10-10 DR Congo mining ban hasn't worked, say critics
2010-09-27 Small-Scale Miners Fight Large-Scale Interests in Southern Amazon, Ecuador
2010-09-14 Philippine residents object again to sell-out at Diwalwal
2010-08-22 Miners Dynamite Glacier in Bolivia Looking for Gold
2010-08-22 Freeport's Tenke Fungurume mine hit by illegal miner riot
2010-07-24 Paraguay: Conflict erupts over gold mining
2010-07-17 The Dark Side of Colombian Gold
2010-07-04 Plans to evict Cambodians from OZ Minerals mining site shelved
2010-06-19 Unprecedented lead poisoning strikes Nigerian villages
2010-05-20 Protests in Zambales, Philippines, against 'irresponsible' mining
2010-04-18 Mexico's Amber Miners Risk Their Lives for $12 a Day
2010-04-18 Eight gold miners murdered in Cauca
2010-04-08 Six workers killed in protests
2010-03-10 World Bank Must Stop Plan to Finance the Second Largest Indonesian Nickel Mine
2010-02-23 Two small scale miners murdered in Colombia
2010-02-15 The Quest for Responsible Small-scale Gold Mining
2010-02-15 Mining lobby group advocates engaging with artisanal miners
2010-02-15 Gemstones: A rough cut
2010-02-07 Conflicts over mining: the illusory boundary between "legal" and "illegal"
2010-02-07 Guyana's miners launch protest against Norwegian forest deal
2010-01-11 Guyana to increase oversight of gold mining under deal to save forests with Norway
2010-01-11 Rising prices spark a new gold rush in Peruvian Amazon
2009-12-22 Congo: Conflict over "conflict minerals" approach
2009-10-19 Ghana conference makes major demands for sustainability, human rights
2009-09-29 DR Congo human rights activist imprisoned for exposing alleged mining scam
2009-08-25 Anti-Coal Plant Activists Get Death Threats, Chile
2009-07-27 Tanzania Mining Industry: Revenues, Resentment and Overregulation?
2009-05-27 Tanzania fails to implement mine tax reform, as Barrick comes under fire
2009-02-02 How Ghana favours mining against farming
2009-01-26 Philippines: "counter insurgency" will strike at mines and civilians
2008-12-22 Zimbabwe "hell on earth" spurs demand for expanded Kimberley Process
2008-10-27 China: more mine disasters, more inspections and indictments
2008-09-29 Philippine forum grapples with fundamental mining issues
2008-09-29 Philippine mining company blamed for worker's tragedy
2008-09-22 Mexican peasants block Minefinders
2008-07-28 Bloomberg blasts Chinese overseas mining

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