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Norwegian government pension fund

Norwegian government pension fund has 22 articles

2020-06-05 The Weekend Essays: A critical moment for Rio Tinto
2020-02-03 "Billions" are being shunted away from mining
2020-01-23 End-of-Week Essay: How Capital is galloping away from Coal
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2018-03-21 Rampal power plant - condemned by Norwegian Ethics Council
2017-08-18 Vedanta meets its match at London AGM
2016-06-01 Michael T Klare exposes "desperate plight of petro-states"
2015-06-14 A last gasp for coal?
2015-05-28 Norway's sovereign wealth fund told to reduce coal assets
2015-03-18 Norwegian Government Pension Fund Still Major Coal Investor
2015-02-14 Norway's global pension fund called upon to dump Sarawak dam-builder
2014-03-07 London Calling on Albanese's ignominious new role in Vedanta
2014-03-02 Vedanta on the ropes as scandals build and shares fall
2013-12-10 Report on multinationals making profits at the expense of human rights
2013-11-07 Norway's opposition wants $800bn wealth fund banned from coal
2012-11-25 Shaping modern mining: what's at stake?
2012-10-02 New Zealand public fund bids "Goodbye to Freeport"
2012-02-20 London Calling dials into an Indian scandal
2010-08-30 A famous battle is won - now to end the war!
2010-04-18 Norwegian government reviews "responsible investment" guidelines
2009-06-08 Exposing Freeport's shame
2009-02-02 Norway throws out Barrick Gold

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