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2021-08-24 Deep Sea: Readings from the Abyss
2021-06-27 India’s Deep Ocean Mission: A race to the bottom
2021-05-26 Deep Sea Mining: DeepGreen-SOAC Merger Investors Alert
2021-05-20 Deep Sea Mining corporate spin doctors
2021-03-27 Drawing the Pacific Blue Line: Call for a global ban on deep sea mining
2021-03-09 Concerns that deep sea mining company DeepGreen will go public via merger
2021-03-03 Deep-sea mining dreams threaten Mexico’s marine life
2020-11-12 Deep Sea Rush: Speculators are circling
2020-08-17 The Early Week Essay: Recalling the Nautilus deep-sea debacle
2020-06-25 Deep sea mining poses huge, unknown, species' risk
2020-05-22 Report Highlights Danger of Deep Sea Nodule Mining
2020-04-11 Trump order encourages US to mine the moon
2020-03-16 David Attenborough calls for total ban on deep sea mining
2020-01-04 The First Essay of 2020: Facing Immeasurable "Extinction"
2019-11-26 Nautilus minerals finally bankrupt, but is it still a threat?
2019-09-24 A Just Transition is a Post-Extractive One
2019-09-14 The Weekend Essay: Catastrophe faces the Arctic
2019-09-10 Namibia fisherfolk strongly protest against seabed phosphate mining
2019-08-16 Fiji calls for deep sea mining moratorium
2019-08-13 Nautilus re-emerges, battered and impotent
2019-07-30 New report damns deep-sea mining
2019-07-20 Why the rush to mine the seabed?
2019-07-05 Greenpeace calls for freeze on deep sea mining
2019-07-05 The Weekend Essay (1): Deep-sea mining threatens new industrial frontier
2019-07-05 The Weekend Essay (2): In too deep!
2019-06-09 The Weekend Essays: Are we all at sea when it comes to ocean bed mining?
2019-03-25 Amnesty launches major campaign on lithium
2019-03-14 Nautilus Minerals gets protection order against creditors
2018-12-13 Is it 'Game Over' for Nautilus' Deepsea Mining Experiment?
2018-11-21 Seabed mining rush feared in world's "most pristine wilderness area"
2018-07-24 Oceans Face Ultimate Threat from Deep Sea Mining
2018-07-19 Deep Sea Mining rules debated ... while proposed project sinks
2018-07-11 Standard Chartered and Citigroup Take Stand Against Mine Waste Dumping
2018-06-26 Nautilus Minerals AGM: Deep Sea Mining company sinking in deep water
2018-05-16 The "oracle" pronounces on Anglo America's 2018 AGM
2017-09-05 Kiwis protest against seabed mining
2016-05-28 From the Pacific to London; Ban Seabed Mining
2016-01-06 Fishers, Scientists Pick Holes in Draft 'Ocean Policy'
2015-09-30 World’s first deep sea mining proposal ignores consequences of its impacts
2015-09-27 Call to Ban Mining Companies from Tailing Disposal into the Chilean Ocean
2015-07-18 Scientists call for Stronger Environmental Standards for Deep-sea Mining
2015-06-16 Nautilus Minerals - Investor and Shareholder Alert
2015-06-05 China pushing towards seabed mining
2015-05-15 Landmark Lawsuit Challenges U.S. Approval of Deep-sea Mineral Mining
2014-08-14 The newest assault on the world's oceans, deep sea mining
2013-11-13 Opposition to Pacific seabed mining continues
2013-08-07 Deep Sea Mining Targeted By Activists At London Conference
2013-07-09 Greenpeace takes on deep sea mining
2013-07-02 Nautilus Questioned on Economic Viability and Environmental Risks of Deep Sea Mining
2013-03-05 PNG PM Silent on Environmental Risks of the Solwara 1 Deep Sea Mine
2013-01-21 The Curious Case of the Canadian hedge funder and his bid for Deep Sea Control
2013-01-14 The future for rare earths - is the ocean the limit?
2012-11-01 Nautilus seabed mining project jeopardized again
2012-08-21 Pacific inter-governmental science body under fire over seabed mining
2012-07-17 A Gold Rush in the Abyss
2012-07-03 Nautilus Minerals seabed venture hits the rocks
2012-06-19 Glencore in deep water
2012-04-18 The World Bank is making Waves at Rio+20
2012-02-28 Revealed: the new species threatened by deep-sea mining
2011-11-21 India: "devils" in the deep blue sea?
2011-09-26 Goldcorp Removed from Dow Jones Sustainability Index
2011-08-08 Pacific island states get in on seabed minerals rush
2011-04-12 Seabed mining a risky business, says expert
2011-04-12 What's China been up to in the mining world?
2011-03-28 PNG Governor condemns proposed seabed mining project
2011-03-14 Critics See PNG as Guinea Pig in Deep-Sea Mining
2011-02-14 Independent scientific review slams Nautilus's environmental plan
2011-01-25 PNG: Seabed mining, a risky investment
2010-11-01 Papua New Guinea gives green light to deep-sea mineral mine
2010-09-20 Ocean exploration reaches perilous new depths
2010-08-08 US-Canadian Mission Set To Map Arctic Seafloor
2010-07-09 Deep-sea mining adds to fears of marine pollution
2009-06-02 Brazil beds down with Africa in ocean minerals' quest
2009-04-20 Out of Sight, Out of Mine: Ocean Dumping of Mine Wastes
2007-07-19 Getting in too deep?
2007-07-19 Nautilus gets more licences
2007-07-03 Tribal Villagers Demand Stop to Deep Sea Mining in Pacific Papua New Guinea
2006-09-27 Zambia president orders crackdown on mine investors

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