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Introduction for the Women's feature

Men (and boys) provide the backbone of labour forces at mining projects - both large and small - throughout the world.

However, in so many respects it's women and girls who are damaged most by the worst aspects of the mining industry.


Women Theme

2021-12-21 Argentina update: Morondanga mining bill only lasted five days
2021-11-02 Glasgow Calling on Cop26: A sheik up to the global conscience
2021-10-10 India: Adivasis on the march to save Hasdeo forests
2021-10-08 Theonila Matbob wins Gwynne Skinner Human Rights Award
2021-08-28 Sexual harassment in mine camps, reports
2021-06-28 UK's National Health Service calls for ban on neodymium toys
2021-06-22 India: Agitation against coal trucks in Odisha
2021-06-22 Chairman of Whitehaven Coal quits chancellor role at Newcastle University
2021-06-18 How to keep Ireland's gold in the ground
2021-06-16 Portuguese environmentalists condemn Savannah Resources ‘greenwashing’
2021-06-12 The dangers of button batteries
2021-06-11 USA: Family sues battery recycler Gopher Resource
2021-05-27 The impacts of illegal mining for women in Brazil
2021-05-24 Fujimori kleptocracy embraces more copper mining in Peru
2021-05-13 Gold mining as perpetual symbol of broken promises
2021-04-09 Barrick forces hand of Papua New Guinea Government in reopening Porgera
2021-03-25 12th Alternative Mining Indaba Declaration: We refuse to be muted!
2021-02-02 Palm oil plantations, coal mines linked to deadly Indonesia flood
2020-12-21 Demand for minerals, overconsumption and Buen Vivir in unprecedented times
2020-12-17 US Federal Appeals Court Turns Down Maxima Acuña’s Case Against Newmont

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