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Introduction for the Women's feature

Men (and boys) provide the backbone of labour forces at mining projects - both large and small - throughout the world.

However, in so many respects it's women and girls who are damaged most by the worst aspects of the mining industry.


Women Theme

2021-03-25 12th Alternative Mining Indaba Declaration: We refuse to be muted!
2021-02-02 Palm oil plantations, coal mines linked to deadly Indonesia flood
2020-12-21 Demand for minerals, overconsumption and Buen Vivir in unprecedented times
2020-12-17 US Federal Appeals Court Turns Down Maxima Acuña’s Case Against Newmont
2020-12-10 All the world's at C - Part One
2020-11-30 ReSisters Dialogue Statement on the International Day for Women Human Rights Defenders
2020-10-28 Adivasi Women Reclaim their Rights in Zawar Mines, Rajasthan
2020-10-27 South Africa: Environmental activist Fikile Ntshangase murdered
2020-10-08 Samarco Restoration 'not on track'
2020-09-13 The Weekend Essay: Is there real life after Covid-19?
2020-08-24 Australian Aboriginal groups now evict Adani
2020-08-22 The Weekend Essay: Banjima forced to "trade away" its Heritage
2020-08-16 BHP to be challenged over Aboriginal heritage preservation
2020-07-21 The MidWeek Essay: Waging Water War in Peru
2020-07-15 Mining-backed "tribal university" gets slated in India
2020-06-07 Mines are Covid hotpots claim several hundred global organisations
2020-06-01 Australia: Rio Tinto's moral incompetence under denunciation
2020-05-31 The early June Essay: Mass assaults strike Ethiopian communities
2020-05-31 The mine that should never have been proposed
2020-05-28 Brazil's Vale must pay yet another massive Brumadinho fine
2020-05-27 46,000 years of Aboriginal Heritage bulldozered by Rio Tinto
2020-05-15 The Weekend Essay (1): A Thai community victimised by the military
2020-05-14 Ecuador's Shuar advances struggle against Covid-19
2020-04-07 Vedanta carries on as usual - regardless of Indian lockdown
2020-03-12 Chilean anti-mining woman leads London action
2020-03-02 Many protesters block entry to Canada's premier mining event
2020-02-22 The Weekend Essay (Part Two): India's New Coal Geography
2020-02-22 The Weekend Essay (Part One): India's New Coal Geography
2020-02-12 Indian Adivasis face destruction of historic Hasdeo forest
2020-02-09 PNG's Madang government sues Chinese company for billions of dollars
2020-02-05 The Mid-Week Essay (2): Greta takes Morrisonesque logic to task
2020-02-05 The Mid-Week Essay (1): Australian PM's perverted views on climate emergency
2020-02-03 Opposition demands "opening up" of recent Barrick agreement
2020-01-30 Bougainville's Momis slams joint mining-landowner enterprise
2020-01-29 Tailings - a global "ticking time bomb"!
2020-01-18 Barrick Gold battles with Papua New Guinea's citizens and government
2019-12-03 Fresh Declaration by Latin Americans denounces murderous "extractivism"
2019-12-03 Norwegian government confirms dumping of copper waste in fjord
2019-11-29 The Weekend Essay: How children are sacrificed to mica mining
2019-11-17 Bougainville: "Mining Madness" before the referendum
2019-11-16 India: Fresh indigenous protests at Jindal threats in Odisha
2019-11-12 When "dumping" has a dubious double meaning
2019-11-06 Kenya's Lorropil community forcibly evicted for geothermal project
2019-11-05 Portugal: "Rethink lithium" - "Avoid environmental disaster"!
2019-11-02 Ethical tailings dam investigation shows mixed results
2019-10-30 The Midweek Essays: Adani continues heedlessly on its appalling way
2019-10-28 Peru: Canada's Hudbay conspired with police, court confirms
2019-10-20 Indian villagers set to mobilise against uranium-powered project
2019-10-02 German villagers adopt new strategy to stop RWE coal
2019-09-30 This Week's Essay: A Clean Green Deal
2019-09-28 Romania: Canadian company fails to grab its own eldorado
2019-09-26 Church of England follows up on Vale disinvestment
2019-09-25 Brazil: Vale dangerously misled public over dam collapse
2019-09-25 India: fresh police killings of Adivasis fighting Adani
2019-09-24 Pope Francis re-invigorates opposition to disastrous mining
2019-09-24 A Just Transition is a Post-Extractive One
2019-09-22 India: new river terminal meets vigorous opposition
2019-09-19 Armenia: "Our water is our gold"
2019-09-17 India's poor left high and dry in Odisha
2019-09-08 India's Adani proceeds heedlessly with Jharkhand destructiveness
2019-09-07 Canadian First Nation may now finally win "battle of the lake"
2019-09-02 Turkey: "We will continue until we win!"
2019-09-01 Chinese nickel overflow threatens toxic disaster in Papua New Guinea
2019-08-18 The Weekend Essay: Condescension and Climate
2019-08-16 Fiji calls for deep sea mining moratorium
2019-08-14 The Midweek Essay: Is Rio Tinto becoming a Robo Cop?
2019-08-10 Philippines: OceanGold facing final ejection
2019-08-09 Australian appointment of leading miner to ABC board causes major stir
2019-08-06 Zimbabwe: Following massive coal disaster, relatives face abject poverty
2019-08-03 The Weekend Essay: Global Britain's real climate changers
2019-07-21 Guatemala indigenous community wins court reprieve
2019-07-11 Late Week Essay: A mountain that will not bow down to corporate loot
2019-07-05 Kenyan citizens stop coal-fired power station
2019-07-02 DRC: 'Poverty-driven' artisanal mining in spotlight after tragedy hits Congo
2019-07-02 Mount Polley: a 'paradise' transformed into pain
2019-06-29 India: JSW drops survey after villagers protest
2019-06-29 The Weekend Essay: Behind Zambia's divorce from Vedanta
2019-06-27 India: Bauxite mining's continuing vicious costs
2019-06-25 The Midweek Essay: Mines dirty secrets echo on three continents
2019-06-24 Key Coal power shutdown in Germany
2019-06-22 Armenia: Amulsar mine 'threatens socio-environmental disaster'
2019-06-20 Papua New Guinea: fresh mining venture vociferously opposed
2019-06-18 The Midweek Essay: Explaining Adani - why would a billionaire persist with a mine that will probably lose money?
2019-06-16 The Sunday Essay: How Australias coal madness led to Adani
2019-06-16 World's "Most Insane" energy venture moves ahead
2019-06-15 Canada: Mount Polley mine still discharging toxic wastes
2019-06-11 India's Chhattisgarh state orders mining halt
2019-05-28 South Africa: how a desert uranium mine got stopped
2019-05-23 The Week's Essay: Life without land, land without life
2019-05-22 A year on, anti-Vedanta protestors still await justice
2019-05-19 The Weekend Essay: Manufacturing Consent in India
2019-05-18 Vale admits: yet another dam could collapse - within a week!
2019-05-03 Weekend Essay: The Narrative Roadblock to the Forest Rights Act in India
2019-05-02 Fact-finding team demands closure of Vedanta refinery
2019-05-02 Burma's fatally-jaded mines
2019-04-22 Not the whole truth: the Rio Tinto AGM
2019-04-19 South Africa: Mining Activists "live in environment of fear"
2019-04-19 Essay for Easter: Tuticorin a year after the massacre
2019-04-12 Vedanta can no longer hide from Zambian villagers' fury
2019-04-05 Deadly South African silence in "Bazooka" case
2019-04-02 Indian villagers celebrate historic US Supreme Court victory
2019-03-30 India: Saranda surrendered to miners
2019-03-27 Inside Singhbhum - India's worst constiuency
2019-03-19 Many organisations roundly condemn police repression in Orissa
2019-03-16 India and Indonesia: Indigenous women warmly embrace
2019-03-12 India: Out of the woods, into the corridors of power
2019-02-18 India: Supreme Court refuses reopening of Sterlite plant
2019-01-23 Rwanda: 14 workers killed when hill collapses
2019-01-02 Tuticorin: a byword for infamy
2018-11-25 South Africa: will Xolobeni victory transform the way miners operate?
2018-11-23 India's pathway denies very existence of indigenous peoples
2018-11-19 Vedanta up to new tricks?
2018-11-01 Can Burmese-sourced gems soon earn classification like "blood diamonds"?
2018-10-28 South Africa: communities win major court victory
2018-10-26 Burma: Coal mine threatens many villagers' livelihoods
2018-10-11 The last of the summer whine?
2018-09-15 The Diverging Paths of Two Young Women Foretell the Fate of a Tribe in India
2018-09-07 Vedanta on its last legs - will it walk free?
2018-08-31 Under Saffron Jackboots
2018-08-21 Bougainville MP - better a drunk Ozzie rugby team than further politicking!
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-08-18 Cast out! - by companies and coal in India
2018-07-28 In peril: Southeast Asias environment and its defenders
2018-06-25 Women Speak Out About Abuse at Barrick's Mine in Tanzania
2018-06-08 Opposition leader "expunged" in Tamil Nadu
2018-06-08 'The martyrs did it': bloody end to Indian copper plant saga
2018-06-07 Vedanta in India: a rogue enterprise let loose!
2018-06-06 "Yes, Mr Agarwal, business does need to be kept from politics"
2018-06-06 Tuticorin: a byword for terror unleashed in India
2018-05-23 Bloody police killings of civil protestors against Vedanta's copper operations
2018-05-22 At least 17 citizens mowed down by police in Tamil Nadu
2018-05-20 Indian citizens demand rare earths inquiry
2018-04-24 Indigenous Xinka march in Guatemala to banish Canadian mine
2018-04-22 Vedanta clobbered by accusations of bribery and brow-beating
2018-04-08 As Sterlite plant expands, an Indian city erupts in protest
2018-04-03 Burma: two women arrested for protesting at Letpadaung evictions
2018-03-31 Vicky Corpuz fights back in the Philippines
2018-03-08 Out of the Forrest - and into the saddle!
2018-03-07 Brazil: BHP and Vale were pre-warned about dam disaster
2018-02-13 Vedanta indicted over copper plant pollution - villagers demand its closure
2018-02-11 Aboriginal community struggles to stop Yeelirrie go-ahead
2018-02-07 New Evidence of Africas Systematic Looting, From an Increasingly Schizophrenic World Bank
2018-01-30 Small scale mining merits large scale examination
2018-01-27 Indian uranium expansion risks health and safety of thousands
2018-01-05 Vale talking with BHP over a Samarco takeover?
2017-12-29 "If we're attacked, we'll die together", a 16-year-old anti-mining activist told her family
2017-12-25 Five corporations hire two intelligence firms to spy on activists
2017-09-26 India: how the Dongria are reviving Indigenous foods
2017-09-15 Madagascar - Urgent Call for Canadian company to quit Vohitsara
2017-09-04 Goa's mega-port project poses huge threats to local livelihoods
2017-08-22 India's uranium workers endure double jeopardy
2017-08-21 Canadian indigenous women passionately demand mining justice
2017-08-18 South Africa: Sikhala Sonke - "We Cry Together"
2017-08-09 How Rajasthans mine workers keep languishing without any identity
2017-07-18 Bougainville Copper: will it get to play again?
2017-07-15 Global extractives terrorism exposed in new report
2017-05-02 Barrick Confronted by Indigenous Women from Papua New Guinea at Toronto AGM
2017-04-04 South Africa: No Longer a life Worth Living Report
2017-04-02 PNG: Houses burnt down (again) at Porgera mine
2017-03-08 Map Commemorates Womens Resistance to Mining in Latin America
2016-09-19 Peru: Mxima Acua Attacked Again by Minera Yanacocha Guards
2016-07-24 Guatemala: Supreme Court Suspends El Tambor Mine License
2016-07-03 PNG: Women accuse Barrick Gold of ignoring rape complaints
2016-05-17 Indonesia: Women protest with their feet
2016-05-06 Metal mining questioned in Dominican Republic and Haiti
2016-04-19 Peru: Mxima Acua wins the Goldman Prize
2016-04-13 Organized crime and illegally mined gold in Latin America
2016-02-12 Africa's Seventh Alternative Mining Indaba
2016-02-06 Philippines: Murderous mining
2016-01-23 Calling for a reality check on gender and extractives
2015-12-24 Thailand: Mining company urged not to sue schoolgirl
2015-10-10 Women bear worst impacts of the mining industry ...
2015-09-28 Women pay the price for Zambia mining expansion
2015-09-22 Vedanta's Agarwal sets out to better India's child and women "development"
2015-09-18 Former Anglo CEO Cynthia Carroll joins Vedanta
2015-09-12 Unity Statement of International Peoples Conference on Mining
2015-08-30 USA: Lakota grandmother debuts film about uranium
2015-08-03 'Our Resistance, Our Hope' - International People's Mining Conference
2015-07-26 UN urges Canada to probe mining abuses abroad
2015-07-08 Statement from Zambian Alternative Mining Indaba
2015-04-07 Thai environmentalists pay for activism with their lives
2015-01-25 African women stand their ground
2015-01-17 Burma, oh Burma!
2015-01-15 Poor Guatemalans Are Taking On North American Mining Companies ...
2014-12-26 Burma: Mine protests lead to another killing at Letpadaung
2014-12-24 Philippines: The people of Mindanao speak out against mining
2014-08-21 Hundreds of women demand a People-Centred Agenda for SADC
2014-07-26 India's Uranium Boss Says Deformed Children May Be 'Imported'
2014-07-05 Tibetan Women Beaten and Detained at Anti-Mine Rally
2014-06-13 Indonesia: Make mining history!
2014-05-23 Canada's mining human rights impact on Colombia
2014-04-07 Guatemala: Criminal Trial for the murder of Adolfo Ich delayed
2014-03-31 Study reviews the impacts of mine on Inuit women
2014-02-26 Barrick Gold: North Mara's problematic grievance mechanism
2014-02-02 South Africa: Murder trial highlights the plight of women miners
2014-02-02 UN Special Rapporteur: Oil, Gas & Mining Operations Brings Increased Sexual Violence
2013-12-20 African Barrick to compensate assault victims
2013-12-08 Activists protest mining industry's harmful impact on women
2013-10-29 Barrick Ignores UN Recommendation Regarding Porgera Rapes
2013-07-30 Jolt for Vedanta as mining in Niyamgiri Hills voted out
2013-07-23 Ruling against Hudbay Minerals opens way for trial in Canada
2013-07-13 Burma's plans to expand Mawchi tin mines risk derailing Karenni peace process
2013-05-29 Dancing the World into Being
2013-05-28 India's Dayamani Barla gets Indigenous Rights Award
2013-05-13 US anti-uranium protestors face 20 years in jail
2013-04-28 The bad habits of Peter Munk
2013-04-22 India: The Bastar Land Grab
2013-03-25 Papua New Guinea: Abuse of rape victims at Barrick's Porgera mine
2013-03-19 Philippines: Government reopens the doors to mining amid protests
2013-03-05 Breakthrough Regarding Legal Liability of Canadian Mining Corporations for Abuses Overseas
2013-02-04 Rape Victims Must Sign Away Rights to Get Remedy from Barrick
2013-01-07 Burma: More arrests as the old regime betrays its democratic mandate
2012-12-17 Burma: Further arrests, as mining protests continue
2012-12-04 Philippines: Seeking the truth about killings of indigenous activists
2012-10-23 Philippines: Tampakan violence claims the lives of tribal woman and her children
2012-09-18 A call to suspend mining in Papua New Guinea
2012-08-06 India's big power blackout: Why coal hasn't been a savior
2012-08-01 Philippines: Mining murders continue, no justice in sight
2012-07-17 Indian government wages bloody war on its own peoples
2012-06-19 US coal lobby goes naked into the conference chamber
2012-06-19 Guatemala activist shot after protests against Canadian mining company
2012-05-29 Ride on, Australia's Rinehart Cowgirl!
2012-05-22 Burmese women suffer, as companies grab "white gold"
2012-05-22 Feminists come to fore at Australian miners' meet
2012-05-01 Vedanta casts more oil on troubled Indian waters
2012-04-24 Rio Tinto gets no Medals from its critics
2012-04-11 Philippines: Mining abuses continue with no promised changes in the law
2012-03-14 Ecuadorian women lead protests against Chinese-financed Canadian project
2012-02-28 Philippines: Indigenous peoples point the way on mining
2012-02-14 Tibet's holy Mt Kawagebo protected from mining
2012-02-07 Australia's iron lady may become world's wealthiest woman
2012-01-31 Behind the Murder At Pachuwara, India
2011-12-05 Bulgaria: Small-town Women Mayors Lead Opposition to Canadian mine
2011-11-21 Anti-coal mining woman activist murdered in India
2011-11-14 Philippines: Where is the safety?
2011-10-25 More militarisation and murders in the Philippines
2011-09-12 Navajo woman helps prompt uranium mine cleanup
2011-08-30 Miner "transferred" after exposing inhuman conditions at Ukraine disaster mine
2011-08-23 Canada continues promoting deadly asbestos mining
2011-08-23 HudBay gets out of Guatemala - but won't escape
2011-08-23 India's Karnataka assaulted by "Iron Fist" - Report
2011-08-08 Ukraine: the world's deadliest coal
2011-08-01 General ignorance: more threats to Philippine indigenous peoples
2011-07-18 Peoples' struggles against POSCO broaden in India - and beyond
2011-07-18 Further Goldcorp human rights issues in Guatemala and Honduras
2011-07-18 Mongolia mines pose threats on several fronts
2011-07-04 Women Fight Superstition, Machismo in Mining Cooperatives
2011-06-20 Resisting India's Great Iron Ore Heist
2011-06-13 India: Police poise to forcibly evict villagers for POSCO's project
2011-05-24 Reclaiming childhood from the pits of Jharkhand
2011-05-24 Tanzania: Murders at North Mara
2011-04-27 HudBay loses out to Mayan community in Guatemala
2011-04-18 Rio Tinto sidesteps questions on Jabiluka uranium
2011-04-12 Bangladesh: Energy at what cost?
2011-04-04 Victims of gang-rape in Guatemala sue Canadian mining company
2011-02-21 More revolutions must come!
2011-01-25 Australia's Kokatha People win a land rights victory
2011-01-17 It's not just hot air, as Bjrk takes on Beaty
2010-12-21 Opposition voiced to reopening Bougainville's Panguna mine
2010-12-21 Australia - Sands of time: rock art versus Rocla
2010-11-08 Police repression on women protesting mining in Goa
2010-08-16 Disputes and roadblocks halt San Cristobal operations in Bolivia's prime mining region
2010-05-29 International rights body calls for suspension of Goldcorp mine
2010-04-18 Uranium still at the heart of Niger conflict
2010-03-08 Viudas Demandan a Grupo Mxico por mineros muertos en Pasta de Conchos
2009-12-06 London Calling reviews a unique report on global forced evictions - but finds it badly flawed
2009-08-25 Anti-Coal Plant Activists Get Death Threats, Chile
2009-08-25 Women Lead Opposition to Gold Mine in Colombia's Central Mountains
2009-08-10 Australia: Lead miner continues violating law
2009-08-03 Women win SA court case brought by Anglo Platinum
2009-06-22 World Day against Child Labour adresses mining
2009-06-02 Philippine womens' party condemns killing of activists
2009-04-06 Rejecting the marginalization of women in the Indian mining sector
2008-10-27 Ecuador: persecution alleged against woman mining activist - Lina Solano: Nos presiguen, nos amenazan, nos difaman!
2008-09-29 Women - catalysts for peace in mining conflict
2008-08-04 Asia-Pacific women bear the brunt of mining
2008-07-20 Poner fin al saqueo de los minerales en Africa
2008-07-20 Girls in Mining
2008-07-14 Land-grab, repression, in Tunisia's phosphates belt
2007-08-26 Bangladesh-Phulbari update
2007-08-13 Indonesia update
2007-05-31 Mirrar infuriated at possible betrayal
2007-05-29 More assaults in South Africa, while Anglo American does nothing
2007-03-25 Philippines update
2007-02-28 Canada update
2007-01-30 Microsoft's Vista could harm health in developing countries
2007-01-11 Health experts call on EU to impose total ban on use of mercury
2007-01-10 Burma Update
Asia: Impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on indigenous, pastoralist and rural women in mining areas

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