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Conference Agenda

Published by MAC on 2004-02-25

Conference Agenda

Day I:
Inaugural and Introductions and RIMM Reports half day

Day II:
i) Global Mining Situation Plenary on Gender Perspectives half day

Global Perspectives: Presentations:
§ Understanding Mining Economy from a Gender Perspective
§ Corporate Social Responsibility
§ International institutions, international bodies and gender
policies in mining

ii) Plenary session Issues concerning Women Workers in the Mining
Sector half day
§ Privatisation, Deregulation impact on Women Labour
§ Large scale mines to small scale mines impact on women miners
§ Impact of mining on Environment, Water, Health, Social and
Cultural lives of women workers
§ Women's Participation in Trade Unions, Cooperatives, Mining
campaigns Roles and Decision-making

Day III:
Plenary session Issues concerning women in communities displaced and
affected by mining half day

· Displacement and loss of livelihood of women affected by mining a
cost benefit analysis
· Greenfield areas existing mines abandoned mines: impact on women
in communities
· Environment, Water and Health Impacts due to mining on women
· Women in Mining Struggles roles and voices, decision-making
rights of women and exploring alternatives

Small Group presentations by participants and discussions from country
situations on Women's workers' issues half day

Day IV:
Small Group presentations and discussions by participants from country
experiences on Women in communities affected by mining half day
Groups' presentations of discussions half day

Day V to VII:
Visits to Mine sites 3 days

Sharing of experiences and issues that emerged in the mine sites
visits one day

Day IX:
Strategy and Planning for international network & Wrap Up one day

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