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India Update

Published by MAC on 2006-07-23

India Update

23rd July 2006

India ignores ILO's Call for Asbestos Ban while deadly cargo is allowed to dock

On June 14 2006 the 95th annual Conference of ILO adopted a resolution calling for the elimination of all future use of asbestos and the identification and proper management of asbestos currently in place, as the most effective means to protect workers from asbestos exposure and prevent future asbestos-related diseases and deaths. The ILO acknowledges asbestos as the world's biggest single industrial killer.

Yet the Indian Government not only permits the trade, use, manufacture and unsafe handling of asbestos materials. It's also feared to be about to propose expanded asbestos use in the country.

Morever, it's just allowed a second foreign ship, laden with the deadly material, to enter Indian waters.

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