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The Proper program imposes no legal penalty

Published by MAC on 2004-04-22

The Proper program imposes no legal penalty

Miningindo News

April 22, 2004

The result of the Proper program as announced by the ministry of environment will unlikely be followed with the imposition of legal penalty. The ratings under the Proper program will merely trigger social and psychological punishment.

Deputy to minister for the division of environmental impact control, Isa Karmisa Ardiputra, said it as quoted from Media Indonesia daily.

Ardiputra said, a moral punishment might cause cancellation of credit from bank to a company with bad rating. Or the value of the company's shares will plummet due to bad rating.

"We do not ponder on a context of legal substantiation, but we just simply wait for responses from the public against the ratings. Bad environmental management by a company that lacks effort to avoid bad impacts to environment will indeed trigger social and psychological punishments against stakeholders," he affirmed.

But on the other hand, the coordinator of Media and Publication of the Indonesian Network of Mining Advocacy (Jatam) Aminuddin A Kiram criticized the ministry. He was pessimistic over the Proper program. The Proper program would never become a means of enforcing environmental law. "It is not legally binding and there is no further steps of strategy under the program. The commitment of the government to preserving the environment has so far been questionable," he said.

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