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Roughly translated from Bahasa Indonesia to English, as reported in the BPost:-

Published by MAC on 2002-01-22

Roughly translated from Bahasa Indonesia to English, as reported in the BPost:-

Brimob Shoots Citizen
Muara Teweh, BPost

A Central Kalimantan Brimob Local Police officer shot a citizen in the gold mining company PT Indo Muro Kencana (IMK) area in North Barito District, Central Kalimantan.

The information that has been gathered thus far from Saturday states that the shooting incident, that occurred on Saturday (19/1) morning around 07:00 WIB at the PT IMK Krikil I location area, Tanah Siang Sub-district, resulted in Gunawan (20), a citizen of Jalan Dikin Puruk Cahu being shot in the left side of the temple area on the head.

The incident began when the victim along with two other companions, Barin and Ungkin, was looking through waste rock (still containing gold) left from PT IMK exploitation in the Krikil I area.

While looking through the waste rock, three citizens were intercepted by four Central Kalimantan Brimob Local Police that were at the time posted as security for the PT IMK company.

During the interception of the three citizens that were looking through the rock, one of the Brimob officers shot at a distance of six meters away and hit Gunawan’s head and the victim fell down immediately, while his two friends immediately ran to save themselves.

The victim was brought by an officer to the PT IMK polyclinic, however because of the serious injuries, the victim was immediately brought to Muara Teweh, the capital of North Barito District via river transport using a speedboat and the victim was treated at the local Muara Teweh public hospital.

According to one of the parents of the victim, Budiman (45) who accompanied his child to the local Muara Teweh public hospital, stated that as a result of the shooting the victim could not speak.

The Head of the North Barito Resort Police AKBP Dr Budi Waseso verified, the occurrence of shooting by the Brimob Central Kalimantan Local Police on a citizen looking through waste rock at PT IMK location area.

According to the head of the Resort Police in this incident, the officer fired a warning shot and the possibility that the victim was hit as a result of a missed target.

To investigate this case, the North Barito Resort Police sent a team to do research on the shooting incident, stated Budi Waseso.ant

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