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Published by MAC on 2005-09-07

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Opposition to Mining:

If you would like to join us or to receive more information about this issue, please send us an email with your request, or better yet, fill out the following form to be added to a list of supporters of ¡NO! to Contaminative Mining.

Quality of life can be measured by various indicators, but it is a great error to think that quality of life can be measured by economic income alone.

Many of us have chosen to live in the Uco Valley because we believe that nature, the pure air and the crystal clear water are of fundamental importance.

We have chosen to work in the Uco Valley because we consider that our mountains, the waterways, are for our communities to protect, to satisfy our needs and for our daily enjoyment.

Those who have chosen the Uco Valley as a tourist destination and contribute thus to its development, are convinced that there is a great future here. To work in the care and management of biotic and abiotic resources, showing the value of our natural and cultural resources, in the conservation of our identity and our authentic values, in the commitment to life and against any actions committed against our natural and cultural values, values which can be unrepairable and unreplaceable.

We are obligated and committed to struggle so that the social and environmental conditions in which we live now can be preserved and enjoyed by our children and their children. For this we oppose, denounce and demonstrate against contaminative mining, giving the high levels of interest shown by mining companies in the development of operations for mining gold, copper and silver in the Uco Valley.

We residents who are dedicated to tourism in the Uco Valley declare a direct NO to the development of contaminative mining which will attack our resources and our quality of life. Towards this end, we invite all inhabitants of this marvelous oasis, and those who share our thinking and ideals about a healthy life, free of contamination, to join us in our struggle, and show your opposition to contaminative mining.

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