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The Conflict at Quilish - Cajarmarca, Peru

Published by MAC on 2004-09-10

The Conflict at Quilish - Cajarmarca, Peru

10 September 2004

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Further background on this urgent action is available here (Español aqui)

FRIENDS: The situation is tense in Cajamarca and after negotiations that failed of yesterday, we have indications that the final solution may be violence. We are afraid that thousands of farmers will be massacred because the ministry of energy and mines wants to give the image that Peru has a social security system for foreign investment.

The problem at Quilish is simple, it is the only clean water source that Cajamarca has left and we have 3 thousand farmers blocking the highways that go to the mines of Yanacocha, trying to stop the exploration activity which was authorized by a resolution by the ministry of energy and mines.

Yesterday no agreement was reached with the regional president, the mayor and other authorities that went to talk with the people entrenched in the highway 4 km from Cajamarca. Representatives of the ministry of energy and mines, who had signed a document promising to return to engage in a dialog in afternoon, did not do so and no agreement was reached.

All indications are that the government, under pressure from the company, has no intentions to revoke the operating approval for Quilish.

We hope that violence is not the final result. Please can send a support letter to the No Dirty Gold campaign. They will send this to the World Bank and Newmont.

Greetings, friends, Nilton Deza.

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