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Comment by Abdulai Darimani

Published by MAC on 2006-02-15

Comment by Abdulai Darimani

by TWN-Africa

February 2006

There are many faulty issues raised by Patrick Moore. Even as he accuses the media of one-sided reporting he ends up a culprit of one-sided reporting himself. I have been to Ntotroso and Kenyasi N0.2 where Newmount resettled a cluster of villagers.

The truth is the communities look nice and beautiful in layout. But there is a common reality in these two new settlements. They all now buy water because they no longer have access to fresh water supplies from natural sources. They complaint of lack of access to farmlands - Patrick Moore even affirms this when he reports that one, Emmanuel, had to secure land elsewhere for farming. In fact the land allocated to each household, asgarden/farmland, is not up to the size of a football field.

As a result many of the local people are out of a job and now queuing at the doors of Newmount for jobs. Many times the company reports the influx of people for jobs as an indication of the success of their operations.

What a contradiction!

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