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Press release from Rhéébù Nùù following recent unrest and round-t

Published by MAC on 2006-04-08

Press release from Rhéébù Nùù following recent unrest and round-table conference

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8th April 2006

I respond to the attacks that have been aimed at us and would like to elucidate our sympathisers and the populace.

About the round-table conference requested by Rhéébù Nùù: the high commissioner, the South Province and Goro Nickel transformed it into a court for the judgement of the actions of Rhéébù Nùù, and into a tribune for those that want the construction of this industrial garbage that is Goro-Nickel's factory.

The pro-independence parties and anti-independence parties joined as one to defend what they consider their marked territory: the Noumea accords and the republican ideas of the majority, minority and the concept of representation. For the anti-independence camp, let's say it's expected, but for the independentist leaders, it is a serious fact that they are incapable of innovating and expressing "Kanak Identity and indigenous rights". What is the society plan of a certain Pascal, Adolphe, Victor ? Are they trying to be "whiter than white" (westerners)? And by which rights, and in the name of which representation, Pascal, Charles W. and their parties permit themselves to judge us, us whom amongst the sons and daughters of the southern land, have decided to defend it, whatever the cost, because we take it to be our duty and our right?

When have we seen Kanaks condemn other Kanaks fighting for their land, outside of the worst moments of our colonial history?

I remind that we stand for a stop to the project as it stands and consequently Gomes and Inco must re-evaluate their project that we judge inacceptable in its current form.

I confirm that of the 300 Kanak persons that have worked on the site of Goro-Nickel from the clans of Yaté, the isle of Ouen, the isle of Pines and Mont-Doré, 80% are with the fight of Rhéébù Nùù.

If the aim of the state, of the Southern province and of Goro-Nickel is to annihilate Rhéébù Nùù and supposing they manage, then they should be aware that the fight will continue in other forms. Whilst at the helm of the organisation, the president and the secratary general of Rhéébù Nùù, are in position to manage a reasonable exit out of the crisis before going to court.

I ask the high commissioner to lucidly take stock of the situation ignoring the agitated cries of the elect. As a matter of fact, either it's an escalation with the unending interventions of the police and nothing is resolved. Or a truce is observed and a solution negociated.

Mr. Gomes must also stop his lies and his demagogic and bamboozling rhetoric. We know his background as head of the Adraf where millions have disapeared according to the report of the general inspection. We know he arrived in 1989 in La Foa with no wealth or inheritance yet his current wealth is such that he is head of the company Spot which was awarded the air conditioning contract for Goro-Nickel.

We were present at the four meetings (9/10/04, 03/05, 04/05, 26/11/05) and Gomes never kept his word. It is clear that since 2002 but especially since 2003 that what is unacceptable for Rhéébù Nùù and the clan at Goro, is the dumping of heavy metals in the sea. Goro-Nickel and Gomes have patiently attempted to skirt round this issue, by mentioning future scientific studies, a decidedly upside down kind of prevention.

The counter enquiry imposed by Rhéébù Nùù in March and April 2005, was supposed to return its report in July 2005. Yet nothing has come of it! The experts of the CEREGES never met up with Rhéébù Nùù and Gomes refuses that our representatives participate in the committee overviewing the work of the counter enquiry. Where is the transparency and honesty of a Philippe Gomes, president of the South Province?

We have focussed our position on heavy metals whilst requesting the respect of the ISO 9001 safety norms, ISO 14001, SEVESO II and the question of seismic shocks. Since October 2004, there have been only four meetings to minimise the Rhéébù Nùù's influence on these matters and allow the construction of the factory whose ICPE authorisation has become obsolete.

And when can we expect a decision from the administrative court proceedings of the 1st of February?

Philippe Gomes should withdraw his ICPE authorisation and take environmental considerations to a credible level. The FLNKS should take it upon themselves to establish a base of national heritage managed by the Kanak chieftainships.

Rhéébù Nùù salutes the commitment of the CAUGERN and the senators int this fight for the respect for our environment and the defence of our heritage.

The mobilisation will last weeks or months if necessary, but we will obtain the acknowledgement of our rights.

Stand up and fight!

The Secretary General
Raphaël Mapou

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