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Peru Mining Referendum Promoted

Published by MAC on 2006-08-16
Source: National Radio Coordination (CNR)


Mining Referendum Promoted

Lima, (CNR)

16th August 2006

The Development Front of Piura is promoting a popular consultation to decide which economic development model is the most appropriate for them, and whether in that model, mining activities can be included or not.

This is according to information from Ximena Warnaars, in charge of the Free, Prior and Informed Consent project of CooperAccion, who adds that at present they are collecting signatures to support the consultation.

Warnaars questions the fact that the mining companies are creating farmers' organisations parallel to the existing ones with the sole objective of obtaining supposed consent. "The communities of Ayabaca and Huancabamba have decided to have a dialogue with the State and not with the mining companies, since they are there illegally. The problem is that the representatives of the State want the mining companies also to participate in the dialogue" she says.

With respect to the voluntary contribution the mining companies are promoting in order not to pay taxes on excess profits, Warnaars declares that it is unacceptable to allow them just to give whatever seems best to them.

"The communities must be given what they need. How can there be economic development if they are just going to give voluntary contributions? They need to pay their taxes." She stated.

[National Radio Coordination (CNR), copyright 2006. Reproduction of this material is allowed as long as the source is quoted.]

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