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Mohlohlo people under imminent threat

Published by MAC on 2007-05-28

Mohlohlo people under imminent threat

The Mohlohlo communities of Mapela near Burgersfort face imminent relocation by Anglo Platinums, PPL mine. If this community is moved it will bring the total number of removals affected by PPL to 17, 000.

The terms of relocation were negotiated with undemocratic and unnacountable structures that function as the paid proxies of the mine. The terms of relocation are manifestly unfair and will condemn the communities to poverty in an unsustainable settlement and cause massive social and economic harm.

Anglo refuses to engage with the democratically elected representatives of the community.

The relocation agreements are not enforceable because the government has not yet agreed to the transaction. Anglo has decided to force the issue by proceeding with the relocations and is slowly choking off services to the community and creating intolerable environmental conditions in the community to induce residents to move.

Anglo Platinum's conduct is in violation of all acceptable international norms and standards and should be condemned. Anglo American looks on indifferently to the abuses commited by its subsidiary.

The attached letter is a submission to the South African government calling on it not to sign off the removal process. (* see below)

Please distribute widely. Anglo begins a big media campaign next week to persuade the world that the removal is the fulfillment of the communities dreams and aspirations for a better life.

Richard Spoor, South Africa, 28 May 2007

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