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Comment from ALCAN'T CANADA to its Canadian membership

Published by MAC on 2007-04-12

Comment from ALCAN'T CANADA to its Canadian membership

12th April 2007

"...This result is truly a testament to the amazing grassroots work that you have all put in over the past several years. Every rally you attended, every letter that you wrote, every person you spoke to about Alcan’s hypocrisy has helped make this happen.

You spoke truth to power and truth prevailed

It would impossible to list all of the groups or individuals that should be recognized but I would like to acknowledge a few of the groups across Canada who helped make this happen: RRSE, CAW, Miningwatch Canada, Amnesty International, QPIRG, CKUT, Kairos and many more.

Most importantly it is only due to the strength, the resolve and the sacrifice of our brothers and sisters in India, the Kashipur people’s movement or the PSSP that anything has been accomplished. And for them the struggle continues as UAIL will move forward as will our solidarity.

" Our work is not over.

1) While Alcan has withdrawn its shares, according to its press release, it will still provide Alcan technology to UAIL and profit off of the destruction of the Kashipur region.

If as TD Newcrest analyst Greg Barnes says the Utkal project “does not fit with Alcan's approach to sustainability,” Alcan should not be involved with it in any way.

2) Several people’s lives have been ruined through jailings, beatings, displacement, and even death due to Alcan’s involvement. Alcan must compensate these people for their losses.

3) We must support the people of Kashipur in their continued struggle against UAIL and whatever companies may join India’s Hindalco in this conglomerate.

There is much work to be done we will follow up to discuss what our next moves will be but for a moment acknowledge what you have achieved."

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