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Further Comment To Mac By Alejandro Corboletto, Esquel:

Published by MAC on 2006-07-11

[Further comment to MAC by Alejandro Corboletto, Esquel:

"We Andeans have seen our objections and oppositions turned into a law which will suspend metals mining activitiy in a portion of the Andes mountains of Chubut for three years. Regarding this issue, it is necessary that we question ourselves and respond from other angles, not to slow us down, but rather to continue the struggle more satisfactorily.

Would this law have existed if nobody had mobilized during these three and a half years? Was it influenced by overwhelming results of the referendum that the people of Esquel had demanded? Would this law exist if the people of the Province had only listened to the deformed and tendentious disinformation of government and mining companies?

How do they explain -- without giving thought to the intelligence of the people -- the clear position of the people which flew directly over the heads of political-economic strongmen, sold-out media, government officials, mayors and governors?"]

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