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Excerpts From Statement And Letter To The President Of India

Published by MAC on 2006-01-09
Source: Citizens for Development

Excerpts from statement and letter to the President of India

by Dr.Sankarsan Acharya of Citizens for Development and Pro-Prosperity.Com, USA

"By just reacting to the people clashing with police at Kalinganagar will obfuscate the paramount truth underlying the tragic massacre.

What is happening now is just like what East India Company (EIC) was doing to Indians. The EIC was paying pittance to indigo and opium farmers to procure the produce to sell in China for exorbitant profits. The profits were shared among EIC stakeholders, viceroys and the Crown. Opposing Indians were subjected to cannon fire. At one stage, the Chinese refused to buy anything from the imperials. Then the British government used Indian soldiers to wage war against China!

Now the decision makers of the State (union and state governments) are paying $0.075 per tonne of iron ore to public exchequers. The miners get this iron ore for $.075 to sell it for at least $45 per tonne in international markets. The State disposes off at least 63 million tonnes of iron ore like this per year. The $0.075 per tonne received by public exchequers is insufficient to even pay salaries and pensions of government staff. Do you see why our government employees are paid little and infrastructure is crumbling?

The $45 x 63 million per year goes to palaces of Indian miners, decision makers and mafia, including police officials and district collectors. This is just from iron ore( emphasis added by us) . We have to count all other ores being exported away, public land usurped and development funds (printed/borrowed rupees) embezzled. This is why cannon fire is being unleashed against people who are opposing the robbery of even their personal possessions. The siren of industrialization and development is bogus and humbug. India does not need to import exorbitantly priced coke to make steel/sponge iron for exports. One-sixth of humanity living in India has barely 2% of global deposits of iron ore. Our current steel production is sufficient to meet domestic needs".

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