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We Can Win This! Taking the Fight to the Alcan Suits!

Published by MAC on 2004-04-09

We Can Win This! Taking the Fight to the Alcan Suits!

Announcement from "Alcan't in India" campaign

9 April 2004

Massive mobilization and march to urge Alcan executives and shareholders to pull out of a destructive mining project in Kashipur, India. This is our ONE big chance to make the demands of those in Kashipur be heard by the people that have the power to decide!

Let's be loud and clear on Thursday April 22nd!


The Alcan't in India campaign, supporting the indigenous and low-caste peoples of Kashipur in their work to protect their homes and lives from an Alcan-backed bauxite mine, is organizing a series of events around Alcan's Annual General Meeting (see below for details on the issue).

Documentary film-maker and activist Angad Bhalla, who has made the film "UAIL Go Back" about the issue in Kashipur, will be returning from India with fresh video testimonials from the peoples of Kashipur as well as with banners, placards and other materials to be demonstrated on the streets of Montreal. Frederic Dubois, an independent journalist who travelled to the region in February 2004 and interviewed many leaders and participants of the massive anti-mining movement, will be sharing his experiences and perspectives. Finally Abhimanyu Sud, a member of the Montreal-based Alcan't in India campaign will discuss Alcan's proposed operations in Kashipur in the context of the multinational's operations in Quebec, British Columbia and the rest of the world.

This is your opportunity to support the 60 000 peoples of Kashipur whose lives are threatened by the 100% export-oriented mining and refining project. Your presence at the demonstration outside the Alcan general assembly can stop this destructive project! WE CAN WIN THIS! Together we can take the honest message of the peoples of Kashipur directly to Alcan.

You can learn more about the history of struggle around Kashipur at the teach-in several days before the demonstration.


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