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UNCTAD proposes a mining model for Central Kalimantan

Published by MAC on 2003-02-22

The following news comes at a time when the Dayak communities of Central Kalimantan are suing large-scale miner PT Indo Muro Kencana (Aurora Gold-Australia) (see a further posting on this site). The 29 Dayak community members pressing the charges are traditional miners who own mining locations/pits. Since 1987, PT Indo Muro Kencana (IMK) has conducted activities at the community's mining locations. IMK has taken over their mining pits by using violence; community miners have been shot at and their mining equipment destroyed. Violent evictions have occurred with people being awoken in the small hours of the morning and forced to flee their homes as they watched their dwellings and belongings destroyed. The communities are seeking damages and a verdict from the State Jakarta court is expected shortly.

[Information from JATAM, Indonesia]

UNCTAD proposes a mining model for Central Kalimantan


February 22, 2003

The UN's representative for UNCTAD (United Nations Conferences on Trade and Development), Mr Olle Ostensson is currently working on a development model for large-scale mining projects in Indonesia's province of Central Kalimantan. The head of Public Relations department for Central Kalimantan, Drs Harun Al Rasyid, said that Onstensson has presented the model to the provincial governor, H Asmawi Agani. Onstensson had previously requested a permit from the governor to collect data and information from several governmental agencies for the preparation of the proposal for the development of large-scale mining projects model in Central Kalimantan.

UNCTAD is focussing on the development of large-scale mining projects covering all aspects while eliminating negative impacts when exploiting mineral resources in the province. "The development model for the mining sector will be sent to formal international organizations so that various inputs and opinions from all over the world can be garnered and attract international players to invest in Central Kalimantan," said Rasyid, adding that Onstensson has also conducted surveys in the regency of Gunung Mas, which has the highest potential for mineral resources in the province. "The UNCTAD is expected to promote and become the window of the province to the world," said Al H governor Asmawi Agani as quoted by Rasyid.

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