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Following recent PNG-Barrick agreement, minister promises "restorative justice"

Published by MAC on 2021-06-04

A Minister insights on a political vision on Security.

Political vision and expectations for law and justice sector in Bougainville


2 June 2021

The ABG Minister for Police and Correctional Services, THOMAS TARII has provided some insights on the political vision and expectations on Security, Policing and Correctional Services in Bougainville. Speaking at the dinner for the Law and Justice Sector working committee in Buka, Minister TARII said that the BPA and the Laws that implemented and established the ABG made the Police and Correctional Services powers and functions readily available.

These powers and functions were to be fully assumed and implemented as soon as ABG developed and adopted the relevant policies, laws and regulations. He said in the current Government, through the Sharp Agreement jointly signed by both Governments on 13th May 2021, the formulation of the necessary policies and related legislations for ABG to assume powers and functions are now ABG responsibilities.

The Government of PNG shall assist ABG and work collectively to ensuring that Bougainville assumes and operationalize the relevant powers and functions including Police and Correctional Services powers and functions in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of the people and Government of Bougainville.

He said that the wish and aspiration of the people of Bougainville is to have a unique policing and correctional service system. A system that shall promote and have joint ownership and responsibility of the State and the People. A system that shall recognize and incorporate traditional justice system and restorative justice with customary correctional practices.

A system that facilitates and promotes prevention and decrease in crime rather than responding to crime and incidents. A system that will facilitate justice with God and Mankind.A system that will be less costly and caters for the almost four hundred thousand (400,000) people of Bougainville in a maritime region located along an international border. A system that shall provide a just, safe, secured, peaceful and Independent Bougainville.


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