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Action Committee Against Mining rejects Sorik Mas Mining gold project

Published by MAC on 2006-04-28

Action Committee Against Mining rejects Sorik Mas Mining gold project

by Planet Ark

28th April 2006

(OKR Mandailing Natal Regent-North Sumatra, BITRA Indonesia, WALHI North Sumatra, PUSAKA Indonesia, SAMUDERA, FORMADAS, LMND Sumut, PRD Sumut, SRMK Sumut, HPPI, GRM Sumut, OPR, WALHI National Executive, JATAM)

Position Statement: Reject mining operation of PT Sorik Mas Mining on Mandailing Natal District, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia

PT Sorik Mas Mining has been exploring for gold for 10 years ion Batang Gadis National Park. Batang Gadis National Park is one of the last remnants of forest in Sumatra and contains plenty of biodiversity and different ecosystems. The Department of Forestry has declared Batang Gadis forest as National Park to inhibit deforestration in North Sumatra.

Instead of considerable gold prospect of 18 tonnes (0.6 million oz) of gold, mining operations in Batang Gadis National Park will generate destruction of ecosystems and poverty for inhabitants living in the National Park. Potential destruction by mining operations in Batang Gadis National Park includes:

1. Destruction of habitat for Sumatran tiger (Pantera tigris sumatrae), forest goat (Naemorhedus sumatrensis), tapir (Tapirus indicus), honey bear (Helarctos malayanus), rusa sambar (Cervus unicolor), kijang muncak (Muntiacus muntjak), four endemic species of primates, and several variety of wild cats.

2. Destruction of habitat for 247 species of birds. Forty-seven of the birds are endangered and protected species in Indonesia. Seven species of them are globally endangered, and 12 of them are almost extinct.

3. Destruction of high value forest (socially and economically) for Mandailing Natal. The area is the main water catchment area for Mandailing Natal farmers and community. The National Park has 386,455 hectares of water catchment area or 58.8% of the Mandailing Natal total area. The water catchment area provides water for 360,000 people and more than 34,500 hectares of paddy field and 43,000 ha. of coffee plantation. The operation of of PT Sorik Mas Mining is in violation of a conservation area that has been proclaimed with Ministerial Decree No. 126/KPTS-II/2004.

4.Local community will receive direct impact if mining operates in Batang Gadis National Park. Environmental capacity will be degraded and lose its ability to provide water for farmers.

5.The contract of work was issued without consulting the local community.

The Action Committee of Anti-Mining Operation demand the government to:

1. Revoke the contract of work of PT Sorik Mas Mining in Mandailing Natal Regent, North Sumatra Province.

2. Give natural resources management to local wisdom for the prosperity of local community.

Medan, 27 April 2006
Action Coordinator,
Enda Mora Lubis
(Chief OKR of Madina Regency)

PT Sorik Mas Mining is a company owned by Oropa Limited Australia (75%) and PT Aneka Tambang Tbk, Indonesia (25%)

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