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Police repression on women protesting mining in Goa

Published by MAC on 2010-11-08
Source: Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP)

GOAMAP condemns police repression on women protesting mining in Bicholim

GOAMAP Press release

28 October 2010

Goa Federation of Mines Affected People (GOAMAP) strongly condemns arrest of nine women in Naveli, Bicholim on October 27, 2010 while protesting against illegal mining trade by overloaded mining trucks.

Nine women were detain by Police in Naveli including Mohini Mangaldas Naik, Namrata Ramchandra Naik, Sumitra Dasharat Naik, Reshma Raghunath Naik, Usha Ulhas Naik, Bharati Ravindra Naik, Chandrakala Chandrakant Naik, Manik Gopi Naik and Bhavna Banudas Naik.

These women were protesting overloading of the mining truck by creating the road blockade. It is an irony that Police opted to arrest women protesting the illegal mining transportation and let the truck owners and mining companies scot-free. This incident concludes that police department has been involved in protecting illegal mining transportation. GOAMAP demand stringent action against the police officers involved in ordering arrest of women protestors from Naveli village.

GOAMAP also takes note of forced silt into the paddy fields of the protesting Naveli farmers by Dempo mining corporation currently owned by British multinational Vedanta, thereby preventing the farmers from cultivating their crops.

GOAMAP demands that Government authorities to act tough against Vedanta. GOAMAP also demands cancellation of all the mining leases of Dempo Mining Corporation in Bicholim taluka.

GOAMAP extends support to the Naveli villagers resisting mining industry.

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