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Mines and Communities is now an archive site

Mines and Communities is now an archive site, after the sad death of its chief editor, Roger Moody in 2022. Mines and Communities was active from 2001 to 2022 in publishing articles on the detriment of mining. Those articles are still available here although no new articles will be added.

This website is a data base of around 14,000 articles covering 1856 mining companies with operations in 171 countries concerning 82 minerals and metals, published by a unique network of indigenous and solidarity NGOs, representing many thousands of people directly affected by the mining industry.

This site also has the Partizans archive and you can read more about the history of Partizans and associated organisations.

MAC was launched in 2001, and its priorities were governed by an editorial board, under our foundation statement, the London Declaration. We provide communities, NGOs, activists, the media - and the general public - with information about many aspects of global mining and its impacts.


For more recent information and activism...

Please contact these organisations

For more up to date information on mining, see the websites of the following organisations:

London Mining Network


Cordillera Peoples Alliance


The Legal Rights and Natural Resources Centre

Mineral Policy Institute

Mines, Minerals and PEOPLE

MiningWatch Canada

Network Movement for Justice and Development


TWN Africa

The London Declaration - 2008

The London Declaration is the founding document of Mines and Communities and encapsulates key demands being made by many communities affected by mining around the world.


Top References


Rio Tinto 1882 articles
BHP Billiton 1208 articles
Barrick Gold Corp 830 articles
Vedanta 826 articles
Anglo American Corporation 785 articles
Newmont 722 articles
Xstrata 628 articles
Freeport McMoRan 483 articles
Glencore 441 articles
TVI Pacific 425 articles


India 1833 articles
USA 1737 articles
Canada 1334 articles
Philippines 1272 articles
Peru 1133 articles
Indonesia 1100 articles
Australia 1093 articles
Argentina 846 articles
Chile 698 articles
Colombia 676 articles


Gold 5086 articles
Copper 3328 articles
Coal 2733 articles
Iron & Steel 1771 articles
Uranium 1002 articles
Bauxite 874 articles
Molybdenum 682 articles
Zinc 535 articles
Nickel 532 articles
Silver 529 articles
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